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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wearing my crown

Working like a slave doesn’t mean you can’t look like a princess while doing it. I recently started working a part time job on top of my full time job so I need to remind myself of my imaginary aristocratic roots every time I can. 

I basically have no life at this point but what I do have it's lots of tiaras and head crowns to wear and make everything better.

As you can see my hair was having a moment that day so the beaded crown I made myself was a good topping for my leonine locks. I didn't add the crown into my Etsy shop yet but I could do it if you are interested in one for yourselves.

De cateva saptamani am inceput un job part time pe langa slujba mea normala asa ca nu mai am deloc timp liber sau viata personala. Am insa o multime de accesorii de par pe care le port ca sa imi reamintesc mie si tuturor celor din jurul meu ca-s o regina! Personal mi se pare ca se vede cu ochiul liber, dar nu toata lumea este de acord asa ca ma simt datoare sa-i ajut! :))))

Ingropata in hartogarie si cu ochii in calculator 12 ore pe zi, dar tot printesa. Nici nu va inchipuiti ce poate face o tiara cu perle pentru randamentul la birou! In ziua cand am purtat-o parul meu chiar s-a comportat regal – cu volum si tot restul! 

   I’m wearing:
sandals, lace top / sandale, bluza dantela – random brand
  skirt, belt/ fusta, curea – vintage
  polkadots bag / geanta buline – Debenhams
  pearls tiara / tiara perle – Alice&Sara (handmade by me)
bracelets / bratari – H&M


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I know you down to the core

One lesson I learned this weekend is that I should never leave the house without covering myself head to toe in sunscreen. My skin is not meant for natural tanning or any kind of direct contact with the elements. There’s nothing like a serious sunburn to get some common sense into me. Again!!!

Another thing is I really dislike people that say no to things and experiences without giving them a chance. I love tattoos and body jewelry even though I don’t have any – it’s one of the Fresh Trends I have always been into and this predilection of mine has only grown in intensity with time.

Anybody who said they hate this and that has obviously never seen tattoos, red hair or piercings on the right person! Looking a bit different, taking decision that not everybody will is a good thing, you don’t have to do what everybody else does, wears and thinks only to feel normal. You see, I’m not unreasonable and here are my arguments (because no one in his right mind would ever say no to these):

Yes, I will go out with you, don't frown that pretty face of yours!:)))

 This comes directly from Sherlock Holmes, so you better listen!

A modern Betty Page with tattoos and cat like behavior!

 Classics: a retro Mercedes SL190 convertible and a hot guy with beard and tattoos!

 Striking redhead wearing a flower crown 'cause that's what queens do!

Tattooed Elvis look-a-like! Speechless!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ombre jeans and fun hairpieces

I have so many things to tell you and so little time! I’ve been working like crazy lately and I doubt I’ll have time to attend any events in the near future, but here’s the last one I went to – back when I was a normal person – a little preview of Fandacsia’s new line of hats organized by this cool online store called Band of Creators

Since I love myself some hair candy I proceeded to take lots of embarrassing photos wearing all the hats I could get my hands on. Don’t worry, I keep most of them for myself, but you get the idea!

When it comes to shocking news here’s one – I started wearing pants! This pair of jeans is the most beautiful I own: wonderful ombre effect that’s not really clear in the pictures – they are actually a purple burgundy and fade to black in the upper part. Really cool, if I can say so myself!  

Voi fi extrem de ocupata zilele acestea, dar va las cu niste poze facute la  showroomul magazinului online Band of Creators care a inaugurat seria de evenimente dedicate designerilor romani din portofoliu cu o prezentare a celor mai noi modele Fandacsia realizate de Cosmina Nicolescu. 

Evident ca am profitat de ocazie ca sa probez tot ce mi-a picat in mana, dar nu va supun la supliciul de a le posta pe toate desi aratam destul de amuzant cu unele dintre ele. Acesoriile de par in general sunt o slabiciune de-a mea deci am circumstante atenuante!

Stiu ca este putin neobisnuit pentru mine sa port pantaloni, dar, va avertizez, am inceput sa le inteleg farmecul. Cred ca pereachea de jeans ombre pe care o port aici este de vina – sunt de departe preferatii mei. Nu prea se vede in imagini dar visiniul cu tenta de mov de jos se transforma treptat in negru in partea de sus. 

  I’m wearing:
  bag, pumps / geanta, pantofi – random brand
ombre jeans / blugi ombre – Blank Denim
  tiger earrings /cercei – Romwe
 tuxedo top / bluza asimetrica – Romwe
bracelets / bratari – Romwe and random
belt /curea- vintage

Monday, July 15, 2013

Suits – Season 3 premiere

As much as I despise the summer heath, I have to confess that I love summer TV shows. It also seems to me that all of the great shows that I used to watch are ending, have already ended or are getting really bad (yes, Dexter, I’m talking about you!!!). 

And the worst part is that great shows are so rare these days and almost none of the new ones can rise to the occasion and substitute the ones that ended/will end.

So needless to say - I’m really excited for the Season 3 premiere of Suits tomorrow on July 16.

Oh, Harvey, you can’t even imagine how I missed you, your beautiful suits and your wicked ways! Also just so that you know, it’s not cool to leave a girl hanging for so many months! That’s why I think this show has to start rolling all year long!

I can’t wait to see more of Conleth Hill, even though I did not recognize him at first. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m used to see him as Lord Varys in "Game of Thrones". I really missed  Donna Paulsen and Louis Litt as well!

I will make time today to go buy some popcorn and get ready for tomorrow’s big day because as busy as I am lately I will let nothing stand between me and Harvey Specter!

 Anybody else excited around here?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Jewelry Diary - colorful

I just wanted to show you my latest acquisitions when it comes to jewelry. The obsession lives on and has spread to cover not only rings but pretty much everything else.

I have quite a collection but I can't ever say no to a beautiful new piece (or ten). I also got a colorful makeup palette and an awesome set of pink brushes! 

Everything is from Romwe, I will try and give the individual links for the products that are still available on the site. They have lost of amazing stuff lately especially when it comes to bling!

I don't really know how to use all of these brushes but they look so pretty I had to had them!

 This necklaces are sold out, but they have lots of other wonderful pieces!

Cateva  cititoare m-au rugat sa scriu despre colectia mea de bijuterii. E bine, incepem cu o trecere in revista a ultimelor achizitii in acest departament. Cred ca stiti ca bijuteriile si accesoriile in general sunt marea mea slabiciune. 

La inceput am avut perioade in care eram obsedata de inele, apoi de cercei si coliere pentru ca acum "problema" sa se extinda asupra tuturor categoriilor. Am deja o colectie serioasa, dar tot nu ma dau inapoi cand imi place ceva in mod special. 

Tot ce vedeti on poze este de la Romwe - au o selectie foarte reusita in ultimul timp, multe dintre piese concureaza cu cele de la Asos sau Zara, dar sunt mai ieftine.

78 make-up palette

 tiger earrings

Habar nu am cum sa folosesc o parte din pensule (sau pt ce sunt exact), dar sunt atat de dragute incat merg si pt decor!
 24 make-up brush set

 rhinestone necklaces and bracelets

You might have noticed gold and rhinestones are something I'm into lately!

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Anything you like from my stash?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lumberjack chic

This is how my sister labeled this outfit of mine, she also said that alongside Wolverine as played by Hugh Jackman I’m bringing sexy lumberjack back! And who am I to contradict such a funny and smart girl? :))) 

I have never looked down on plaid – it’s a classic, honest print that has a melancholic 90s edge and I accept it. Yes, I said it! I accept and embrace tartan, plaid and checkered! That’s why I decided to dress up this shirt-dress with high heels and a big statement necklace. 

The cotton bag was sent to me by Tshirt Factory and I find it very cute and functional – the swag cat print is adorable!

I do love my walk of shame inspired outfits – trills minus the sins and smudged mascara!:))))

Sora-mea gaseste mereu cate o descriere amuzanta pentru anumite tinute pe care le port. De data asta mi-a zis ca apreciaza ca incerc sa revitalizez trendul “lumberjack”. Nu am absolut nimic cu imprimeul tartan, din contra, il apreciez si il accept – este un imprimeu cinstit, clasic si usor nostalgic daca ne gandim la povestea de dragoste cu anii 90. 

Dovada cea mai elocventa este ca am ales sa port aceasta camasa rochie cu patratele (pe care multi ar pune-o direct in categoria pijamale) in oras, weekendul trecut. Ok, recunosc este de fapt o camasa lunga cu cateva numere mai mare, dar asta nu inseamna ca trebuie abandonata intr-un colt de dulap. Orice camasa, fie ea si de bumbac merita un colier statement, inele si sandale cu toc inalt. 

Sacosa este de la Tshirt Factory – imi place imprimeu haios si este numai buna de carat balerini de rezerva.

I’m wearing:
shopping bag / sacosa – Tshirt Factory
 heels / sandale – random brand
necklace /colier – H&M
 rings – Forever 21 and Koton
plaid shirt dress / rochie camasa - random brand
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tattoo art – the deer and the stag

The series of articles exploring my obsession with tattoos continues! This one is about very particular animal tattoos involving deers, antlers and stags.

Tattoos are not just beautiful but they are also meaningful. Tattoos talk. They send a message; they tell a story about you, they are very personal and complicated. From all the tattoos I’ve ever considered at some point in my life, a deer tattoo or a stag tattoo always seemed like a good choice. 

So I decided to search and find the meaning behind some of my favorite tattoo ideas as I may just woman up and go for it. I’m the kind of person that has to know everything that it’s to know about a thing before doing it so this is me getting ride of all the excuses that I could come up with along the way.

  Amazing arm stag and a colorful detailed roebuck

Detail of a romantic framed  hart!

 Two wonderful chest pieces: two stags fighting in a clash of antlers (left), a colorful fawn over a hunter's trophy with birds and jewelry (beautiful contrast)

The deer is one of the oldest ancient animal symbols. Many cultures, all over the world associate the deer with a number of different legends and myths for thousands of years. Some civilizations idolatrize them The stag was the symbol of the sun in many religions. Power and good fortune are the most common associations that people make with a deer or a buck.
As a tattoo the deer also holds deep symbolic value. The many variations of a deer tattoo include the stag, the buck, white tail (the good), black tail (danger and death) , the deer skull tattoo (one of the more popular choices). 

The deer is one of the few animals that can represent both masculinity and femininity but the meanings associated with the male and female deer are different. The Stag is usually used as a symbol of power, spirituality, masculinity and re-growth while the doe is associated with femininity, fertility, beauty, peace, grace and innocence.

The stag gentleman tattoo on her arm looks very cool! Deer tattoos can also mean rejuvenation and rebirth (right).
The most popular tattoo design when it comes to deer’s is the hart or the male deer. The buck value is based on the size of its antlers, that’s why most of the times the tattoo portrays a 12 point horn buck, considered one of the highest trophies one can have. Another popular tattoo design is the deer skull tattoo. This tattoo is especially popular among hunters. Many consider deer hunting as a privilege and are grateful for what the deer gives them. 

At a symbolic level this tattoo art represents life and death. Deer skull tattoos have become very popular in recent years. As all skull tattoos this one is also controversial with people finding them macabre or just plain wrong. I don’t share this view! It’s true that I would not get one for myself, it’s just not my style but I have seen tattoo designs with skull stags truly unique.  

These skull antlers tattoos are great and the placement  makes them really hot as well!

Big chest pieces (the stag on the left is really beautifully drawn - I love all the romantic embellishments - loos like a page from an story book I used to have as a kid)
One tattoo that women usually go for in the deer variation is the Bambi tattoo. This is seen like a cute, girly tattoo and not a tattoo made with symbolic reasons. Not my style either!
The size of the tattoo is also very important. I’m sure any tattoo artist would recommend the bigger the better especially in this case. The most impressive stag tattoo designs I have seen were big, as the antlers take a lot of space. 

I really like all the positive meaning that a deer tattoo has. I have seen and heard so many people that just get tattoos impulsively and they end up regretting their choice along the way because even with all the tattoo removal techniques out there (even the sound of laser tattoo removal frightens me), not all tattoos can be fixed. So choose carefully because this is a life long decision and you don’t want any regrets. Just make sure it’s what you want or start with some temporary tattoos and work your way up from there.   

 I love this playful, simple roestag tattoo and its placement!
 Photos, collages made by Sara
What do you think? Any favorites?

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