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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I just want to wish everybody a Happy New Year and thank you for stopping by, following, leaving a comment, writing us so many wonderful emails and generally supporting our blog! It really means everything to us. I really hope you’ll have the best year ever! My only wish for all of you is to be happy, that’s all that matters!

I’m also hoping you’re ready to party like a rock star tonight! I sure am!:))))

Love you, guys! Have a blast!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Parka dreams and studded boots

Snapping out of the holiday mood is a real bummer! I was getting used to lazing around, eating, reading and watching TV all day long but then I realized I didn’t update the blog for a few days and felt guilty. Being a responsible adult is so hard, guys! I wouldn’t know but I imagine it is! :))))

So here I am with the last two outfits I created around the green dress. Everything I’m wearing except the chain earcuffs is New Look. You can find the other two looks here!

The first is an edgier approach to an otherwise feminine get up. When I saw this asymmetric parka in the store I experimented an almost slow motion moment, romantic music and all – it’s really perfect with the hood, cool shape and all the pockets and zippers. And how about the boots that can be worn two ways: laced up all the way or rolled down revealing the rock&roll studded details?! They look great both ways.

The second outfit is all about layers with the cute stripped sweater over the dress and the long, soft  cardigan worn over all that. I trust you remember the wicked animal print pumps from last time!

I'm wearing:
 everything - New Look
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you are really excited about the New Year’s Eve party! I know I am!

Friday, December 23, 2011

10 easy DIY ideas for Holiday wreaths (center pieces)

Only two days until Christmas are left so I thought I should squeeze a fast holyday DIY project for all of you. Pretty much everybody is in vacation mood by now so I guess you have some free time to make a beautiful wreath to decorate the door, the walls or even the Christmas table.
The ideas and materials I found are very diverse so anybody should have at least one of them just lying around the house. Let’s start!

How about some colorful globes and cute fabric?! I bet all of you have those!

Colorful thick yarn and felt can always be put to good use!!! Here’s the proof!

 Do you have some apples, pine cones, nuts, acorns, chestnuts to spare? Well, than get busy and make one of these:

Did you ever think you could use burlap sacks to make such beautiful things; this wreaths look really cool and rustic. I love them!!!

♥  Do you have some dry plants (lavender), greenery and forest fruits around (cranberries)? Then you should make something like this:

♥  You know you can use Brussels sprouts for more than food, right? Just look at this cutie!!!

♥  Go ahead and gather as many leaves as you can and string them on a wire!

How about a different way to use the Christmas lights?

♥  For all of those who have lots of cut buttons, put them to good use and make a wreath out of them!

♥  Simple greenery wreaths with white, sheer bows can look so beautiful, don’t you think so?
Happy Holydays!!!!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Event: Sun Plaza 2012 Calendar Launch

Remember how I told you that last Thursday evening was a busy but enjoyable night for me?
Well this is the second event I went to: the 2012 Sun Plaza Calendar Launch who took place at The Gang Restaurant & Lounge. The photos for the limited edition calendar (only 500 copies were released, all numbered and having a certificate of authenticity) were taken by Cristian Crisbasan who was graciously signing them for all the guests.

I arrived late but I had a good time. The Next PR girls that organized the launch (Florina Axinia, Ana Paun, Otilia Mihailov-Dumitrescu) were super nice and helpful, making me feel welcomed and providing all the information I needed. They even sent me photos from the event as I didn’t have time to snap as many as I wanted. The get together was very relaxed, the crowd super cool - I was actually sorry I couldn’t make it in time.

Cristina Iordan, the models and Cristian Crisbasan (the photographer)
Florina Axinia was looking beautiful in a layered maxi length get up! Too bad I didn't take a better picture of it!
 My three favorite pictures from the calendar!  I love the retro vibes! What a surprise that is, right?:))))

I had the same outfit on (obviously), only this time you get to see the New Look red coat I was wearing over. I imagine Little Red Riding Hood was wearing something similar while crossing the woods to see her granny :)))). The huge fabulous red hood was the reason I choose it from the store. I just can’t say no to a nice fairytale detail/hint in a piece of clothing.

I also have to say taking photos in populated areas of Bucharest is the worst idea ever - unless you like being verbally abused/propositioned by sleazy construction workers type men. Never again!
I'm wearing:
everything - New Look

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

15 easy DIY ideas for adorable Christmas treats (food)

You know how I'm trolling the web frecvently!!!? Well sometimes I find amazing DIY ideas that I decided I’m going to share with all of you from now on!
And since Christmas is upon us and we already discussed handmade miniatural trees, it’s time for whimsical holyday food ideas.
I’m talking food that looks amazing, but it’s in fact easy to make for all of us. Are you ready for an overdose of sweetness? I know I am.

♥ The christmas tree cupcake
green frosting, miniature red, green and gold candy beads

♥ The North Pole cupcake
white frosting, candy canes, red M&M's

 ♥ The tall candy cane christmas tree cupcake

♥ A christmas tree made of fruits
Isn't this amazing? Seems fairly easy to make also!

 ♥ Strawberries Santas
This has to be the cutest and easiest idea in the world, right?

 ♥ A Christmas tree made of vegetables
This gives a new meaning to a vegetable and dip platter!!! Who knew broccoli could look so great? The stars are made out of cucumber; the white flakes are carved onion, cauliflower? I don't know, but this is pure genius!

 ♥ Christmas tree shaped brownies

♥ Chocolate Bar
A chocolate bar is the best idea for a familly Christmas - nothing better than a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows to get you into the holiday spirit.

♥ Christmas Mojitos
The usual recipe plus a splash of cranberries jus and cranberries I guess!

♥ Caramel dipped, chocolate covered pretzel rods

♥Apple cider in an apple

♥ Owl cupcakes
A normal chocolate cupcake decorated with black&white orios and m&m's for the eyes and nose of the owl! So fun!

♥ Holiday stove-top potpourri mix
Makes the house smell like Christmas - mix sliced oranges, cranberries and cinnamon sticks in water!

 ♥ Star marshmallows and reindeer/owl sugar cookies

 ♥ A Christmas tree made out of pancakes and  mini donuts reindeers with pretzels antlers
The pancakes tree with an orange carved star top ans rasberry globes has to be the cutest and most delicious thing ever, right! So are the mini donuts reindeers with a red M&M nose and pretzels antlers. So easy to make and so fun!!!
Photos: 1, 2, 3.

So, are you going to try any of these! Do you find this post useful...cause I have tones of DIY ideas and I can make this type of articles a regular thing on the blog?!

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