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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The last (neurotic) romantic

My internet is back and I feel whole again!
I swear to you, guys, the internet addiction of our generation is bad, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I was cut out (literally - an assface cut the internet wire) for a bit over 30 hours - I felt completely empty inside :))))))))))))))).
The good thing is I cleaned my apartment, finished a book, modified two dresses, made myself a ring and actually cooked something (after work that is:). I can’t even imagine what I could do if I wasn’t connected to the World Wide Web for a week.
The superstars of the world are super lucky I’m not, otherwise they should SO watch their backs:)))

On the dressing front I feel the compulsive need to wear floral prints. I don’t know what came over me but I can’t control myself. I hope you’re in the mood for some print mixing because this outfit is all about that. I got so many stares wearing this you’d think I was naked or something.

I have this soft floral blouse for a long time, Sara bought it in high school and I still love it, especially the interesting back. The cute hat is vintage, I just added the colored bow to give it a little something extra.

Everybody loves the hat, I’m pretty sure Denisa (who gracefully took all the photos) has a complicated and effective plan to steal it from me in motion right now (she does look amazing wearing it). The socks have a double role in the outfit: a visual/stylistic effect and a comfort/bumper effect as these heels are a bitch to walk in.

I kind of went overboard with the pictures but the background was strangely beautiful, I’ll admit it, I was having a little bit of a "Great Expectations”  fantasy while posing!:))))

 Excuse my tanning lines, me and direct sun exposure are not great friends!:)))))
I’m wearing:
skirt, belt, bag, hat - vintage
 socks – H&M
 heels - New Look
 blouse, rings – random brand

Monday, August 29, 2011

Late summer romance

I finally got around posting the outfit I wore at the New Look Pre – Opening Party, the one you got more than a glance of in my last article. I guess I’m a little bit nostalgic about summer being almost over and I subconsciously dress in ways that celebrate this season (while still hating the heat wave:)).

There is no better occasion to wear a white dress than the summer so I went for a very romantic get up with lots of accessories. The dress is vintage, very simple but quite amazing with the gold button details in the skirt area (you can open them and…puff you have an outrageous slit on your left leg). The gold necklaces are a mix of vintage pieces (the locket and the pearl and purple stone piece) and modern (the one with the five rings).

As I already told you the pink flower crown is handmade by me and part of my own accessories collection (you can see more of my work on my site or my Etsy Store).

Many people may consider wearing a roses halo crown in an everyday situation unusual but I do it all the time, it’s just something so different and beautiful – for me fashion is all about fun and expressing things about you and your mood, so here I am, this is me!:)

Photos by my dear friend  Laura

I’m wearing:
dress, belt - vintage
sandals – H&M
necklaces – vintage and New Look
 ring – Miss Selfridge
bracelet – Meli Melo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Event: New Look Pre-Opening Party

Yesterday evening I attended the New Look Pre-Opening/VIP Party at Afi Palace Cotroceni and man, did I get out of control. There were lots of people, food, a live band (The MOOoD) and drinks but I was very clothes and accessories focused and did not see a lot of it (but I did hear it and it sounded good and loud:)))

The thing is, I used to buy online from New Look even before they decided to open stores in Romania (you can see I’m wearing lots of stuff from them in my past outfit posts) so I was excited to be there (not paying the 9 pounds delivery fee, not waiting for the package for a week, being actually able to touch the clothes before buying them is great).

New Look has an impressive shoes and lingerie section with a lot of variety and a very cute accessories section at affordable prices. I was also impressed with the staff, they were super helpful without becoming overbearing. Something tells me I’m going to visit the New Look store again.

Although I wanted many things I succeeded in keeping my shit together and “only” bought three hats, three rings, some bracelets, some lingerie and three pairs of super cute socks (you know how much I love socks). I’m totally high fiving myself for such an amazing and unexpected demonstration of restrain. I told myself I’m only going to buy “things I need” and let’s face it, I did – every person needs three floppy hats for his own survival.:))))))))) Way to go, dudette!

I’ve meet some of my lovely blogger friends there: Denisa, Eve and Sandra, Silvia, Teodora, Mihaela, Aleka Sarah and Oana. Here are some photos I took and a sneak peek at what I wore (more photos tomorrow).

Me flanked by Sandra and Denisa! How cute are these two!!!???

In the land of shoes with Sandra!

Sandra and Eve in action!
One of the pretty girls from the fashion show! Love this mustard blouse!
Me with a grin on my face!:))) The pink flower crown I'm wearing is handmade by me (you can see it in my Etsy Store)
 A bad light picture with one of the hats I bought!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today's mood

Is this supposed to be the end of summer?!!! I guess the weather in Romania didn’t get the memo. Maybe the seasons have a  really bad PR that is just not able to deliver stuff and make things happen:)))))).

But seriously, it’s not natural; it’s too hot for fashion: people shouldn’t sweat just by walking on the street, I can think of 100 more enjoyable ways to do that.

How's your day so far?
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just go with it!

I've never thought I was going to hear myself say this but, sometimes, one just feels more comfortable wearing pants or, and this has nothing to do with me:)), one oversleeps, realizes that in panic and grabs the first things she sees, adds lots of jewelry and runs out the door hoping for the best.

On a completely different note I had a reasonable bad week until now, I really hope it’s going to get better as it goes. Yesterday I had a computer “scare” when my PC screen just went black and didn’t want to start despite my various attempts to fix it.

 In all honesty my idea of “fixing” electronics is both hilarious and completely useless. As my sister said: “It’s like you’re hoping to heal somebody of plague by stroking his hair”.
No wonder my restarting the computer, plugging and unplugging stuff, dusting and petting the screen did little good. Fortunately other people know and use more effective techniques and here I am, sharing my wisdom with all of you.

The red tassel earrings are handmade by me (check out my site and Etsy Store) and I really want to make more of them in different colors, they look so cute with anything, I just need a little free time. I’ve also realized the reasons I buy some of my clothes are just ludicrous – this tank top was purchased because Sara likes Shameless (the TV Show) and somehow that was enough (although pretty much unrelated).


I’m wearing:
red pants  – Old Navy
 tank top – H&M
sunglasses – New Look
 flats – random brands
rings – Meli Melo and Asos
  bracelet – Meli Melo
  red tassel earrings – Alice&Sara (handmade by me)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Be cool, man! Act natural!:)

Here’s another outfit I totally forgot forcing Denisa to take pictures of. The funny thing is I actually posted a teaser of this outfit and then something important must have happen because I don’t remember anything.:))))). It’s like I spent a week in Vegas!

What I do remember is some fartfaces asking us if I was taking pictures for my weeding:), totally logical question cause, you know, nothing sais weeding pictures than a girl taking pictures of another girl in the park, also I do plan wearing a Kenvelo shirt at my wedding (only the classiest shit for me, thank you very much:))).

My sister loves this skirt and sometimes forces me to wear it and now that I see the pictures I guess it’s cute and doesn’t make me look fat. The double locket type necklace I made myself, one side is a black and white floral print, the other side has a photo of Marilyn Monroe (check out my site to buy it and see more of my work).

Sorry for the noisy pictures, the light was awful that day.

I also remember trying to take one of those amazing ”jumping pictures”, you know, those in which a girl seems like she’s flying while also looking hot. After I realized I’m not jumping high enough I did the only sensitive thing that one can do in such a situation: I jumped from a bench – I’m quite a visionary in this area (Photography) so don’t hate me for being smart…Cause I am, even if the face in the picture may suggest otherwise:))))))))).

I’m wearing:
skirt – HLN
 shirt – Kenvelo
belt – vintage
 shoes and rings – random brands
 denim jacket – Pepe Jeans
double Marilyn Monroe necklace – Alice&Sara (handmade by me, buy them here).

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