Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Makeup Resolution

This year went by so fast - I can hardly believe December is already here. Since I’ve been working so hard, I want to take it easy this month, enjoy the party season and go out more. 

Dressing up comes natural to me, but due to my line of work I’ve actually become more and more interested in makeup and beauty too. That and the fact I’m getting older I guess.

It’s not like I don’t know how to wear makeup - I can do a mean cat eye in my sleep. The problem is I have a few everyday makeup looks that I always use and never really try anything different. I collected a ton of brushes, color pallets, blushes, lipsticks that I don’t even use all that much.

With the Holidays approaching fast I really want to try some new looks and go full glam. The two main problems are: the lack of time and my inability to decide what looks to go for. 

Not to mention there’s a different approach to putting on makeup every day for work, running errands and casually getting together with your friends and then getting ready for the office party at the end of the year or even more glamorous situations. For those who dabble extensively in makeup tutorials and products, knowing what to wear can be simple (just like I find it super easy to put together a really cool outfit in minutes). But what if makeup isn’t your cup of tea?

Really understanding the difference between looking natural and fresh for a family dinner and creating a striking look for New Year’s Eve is a matter of practice. Knowing to use makeup in your favor can be actually empowering. 

It’s all about skills and thankfully skills can be learned. It’s just a matter of practice and even beginners can get amazing results with their hair and makeup. Unless you want to be a doctor, you can pretty much become an expert by teaching yourself – that’s the beauty of internet – you can just Google it.

I rely heavily on my Pinterest boards and You Tube videos for inspiration. What colors should I use for a cool smokey eye and how can I apply and blend them to get the perfect result? What shade of lipstick would be better with that and my skin complexion? What hairstyle should I wear with my new glittery dress? Should I wear my hair in loose curls, try and updo, do some braids?

I find infographics very helpful when choosing a look to try out. The one below is one of the best when it comes to what makeup looks to wear for tthe Holidays and which are suitable for casual settings or more formal affairs.

TEMPTU Holiday Looks
Angelic Faces: Holiday Makeup Looks Infographic Provided by TEMPTU

Are you guys into makeup or not really? Are you any good when it comes to applying it?

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34 comentarii :

Ma Cherie D said...

Nice! I always have the same red lips and black eyeliner and some neutral eyeshadows. But I m playing with eyeshadows using different shades more and more. Just my resolutions is to wear more false lashes, cus I m so lazy sometimes :)

Alice in vintageland said...

@Ma Cherie D - That's my "signature" look too: eyeliner and red lips. I'm feeling fake lashes as well, but yeah, they seem like a lot of work. They look great though so I'm adding them to my resolution as well!

Laura C. said...

Have a nice day dear;)

R salesa said...

this is real beauty!

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Shane Bennington said...

Nice! I always have the same red lips and black eyeliner and some neutral eyeshadows. But I m playing with eyeshadows using different shades more and more. Just my resolutions is to wear more false lashes, cus I m so lazy sometimes :)

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rithkhmer said...

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Richard Butler-Creagh said...

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