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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Emmys 2013 – best dressed awards

A lot of bloggers have written about the best dressed celebrities at the Emmys but I know the only opinion you value is mine! :))) You're not wrong - I do know everything there is to know!

Let’s take a moment and feast our eyes with the beautiful people that I appreciate even more than others because I’m addicted to TV shows and I basically live vicariously through all of them and the characters they embody in my favorite series.

Here we go – Emmys 2013 most memorable fashion moments:

Rose Byrne in Calvin Klein - a sleek and sophisticated take on cropped tops! She looks flawless!

  Jon Snow also known as Kit Harington cleans up nicely!!! Not that I'm bothered by him dirty either!

Kerry Washington in Marchesa - Olivia Pope would approve, no Scandal here, we all agree she looks gorgeous!

 Michelle Dockery in a halter neck Prada gown was the embodiment of a Lady Mary! Very excited about season 4 of Downton Abbey as you can imagine!

 Bonus - Michelle Dockery in a floral Erdem dress and yellow Christian Louboutin pumps for the BAFTA LA TV Tea Party in Beverly Hills! She can do no wrong!

 Christina Hendricks stays loyal to Project Runway alumni Christian Siriano by wearing one of his designs once again. She's always stunning but the black dress completed with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry is really  showing off her curves and lovely coloring!

Kate Mara looking very modern in a crisp white J. Mendel with a high slit! I really loved this unusual choice!

 Zachary Quinto! Enough said!

 Sally Draper is all grown up and seems to be getting Betty's sense of fashion! :)))) Seriously now, Kiernan Shipka looks beautiful and age appropriate in this whimsical Delpozo dress.

 Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren with Roger Vivier heels and Fred Leighton jewelry. The dress is simple but I love the color on Allison and can't over how flawless her hair and makeup is!

 Bonus - an even better outfit of hers - this feminine Oscar de la Renta dress with metallic heels at the BAFTA LA TV Tea Party

 At first I wasn't sold on Aubrey Plaza's Marios Schwab Resort 2014 dress but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it! Ali Larter looked equally great in lace at the Entertainment Weekly pre-Emmys party!

 Leslie Mann in a J. Mendel dress - unusual choice for the Emmys but I loved it!

Maria Menounos knows the hair and jewelry are everything - no wonder her ink colored siren dress is styled to perfection!

Arlene Carrie Preston is definitely not dressed for a party in Bon Temps, Louisiana (let's be grateful for that:))))! Her powder pink dress with the wonderful black buttons detail at the back works great with her hair color!
Feel free to tell me about any other favorite you had at the Emmys this year! How about the ones you hated?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

10 perfect dress-jewelry pairings

The good thing about having a blog is that you get to share and write about all the things you love whenever you want and feel like doing so. And since two of my favorite things in the world are beautiful dresses and unique jewelry, this article was a long time coming. I always thought dreaming doesn’t require any budget so we should always dream big. 

That’s why I made a top 10 high end vintage dressed and diamond jewelry matches that I know will make you swoon. I think these are really timeless items, things that would stay with you forever and never really get out of style. Both a 50s dress and a pair of diamond drop earrings are so stunningly classy and glamorous and come not just as functional pieces, but represent a whole aesthetic and life style. Not being a real life princess should never stop you dressing like one! It's all about the way you see yourself and want others to do as well!

The dresses in the photos are part of my dream collection and I keep adding them to a folder I have on my computer (also a Pinterest board that is getting out of control). I love searching for them and  every time I find one I wouldn't mind owning, I just save it for my fantasy closet.

All the fabulous jewelry pieces I used in these collages are signed Anjolee – they have all kind of wonderful diamond and gemstone jewelry that can be customized by metal type (yellow gold, white gold or platinum), diamond quality, size and length - depending on your personal taste and even current trends. I especially love their engagement rings and matching bridal sets - these are actually rings I see myself wearing all the time with any outfit, just as they are meant to be worn.

 Vintage 1950s mustard yellow, straplesses dress with tulle skirt and matching diamond and gold earrings and ring

Vintage 1950s red and navy, rhinestone, cupcake dress with long earrings and a simple, square cut diamond ring

 1950's white lace over cream silk wedding dress with blue gemstones statement earrings and a fabulous engagement ring

1950's emerald green, silk dress with a bow velvet detail and a mixed, gold and white gold bracelet

1961 Balenciaga dress with platinum, diamond and blue gemstones jewelry

 Vintage 1950s bombshell polkadots dress with red gemstones earrings and a double, diamond ring

Retro style red lace, strapless dress with diamond and gold jewelry

 1950's chiffon dress with satin details and a bow belt with diamond and platinum jewelry

 1950's gold velvet & chiffon, full skirt dress (love the velvet bodice) with a gold leaves bracelet

Low cut pink on cream polkadots dress and a simple bracelet with diamond encrusted butterflies

 1951 midnight blue, silk dress with platinum diamond earrings and a blue gemstone ring
 Photos: 1.

Ok, you got me, there are actually 11 collages, I couldn't give one of them up once I made them!

You have to let me know in the comments section which match you think is the best? Any pair made in fashion’s heaven above? 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall fashion mood

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year – it somehow feels like the perfect time to start over, be better and do better in the midst of a bitter sweet nostalgia for summer and all the adventures you had or at least wished you had. 

Fall is the moment to start getting things done and look good doing it. I know most people get a bit depressed this time of the year but I have always experienced quite the contrary.

This particular season I’m seeing myself in a colorful mix of ladies country clothing and feminine bohemian pieces with cool western touches. I’m thinking denim with leather, tartan and fur and lots of colorful accessories. I want to resemble a chic gipsy if there's even such a thing!

I don’t know how you feel about this particular subject but I love to look a bit odd in the big city – like I don’t quite blend in and don't belong here, like I actually live on a horse farm and could spend my afternoons in a golden field of wheat or picking perfect apples from my own orchard. This fantasy that clothes are a big part of is more for my own sake than anybody else’s, but I guess it's going to be entertaining for everybody!

Maxi skirts with huge belts and over the knee boots, hats and colorful scarves, knitwear and layers of jewelry to top it off - these are the elements I'm looking forward to. I’m actually pretty excited about my fashion mood board for this fall!

  Photos: 1, 2.

How do you see yourself dressed this fall? Do you have a staple look in mind?


Friday, September 6, 2013

Baroque print dress

Lately my weekends are usually reserved to catching up on sleep and solving all the little things I don’t get to finish during the week. This Saturday was different though because I went to a cool event called Summer’s End Expo&Sale to support my friend Costin who was one of the organizers. 

The event was hosted in this semi-abandoned mansion (Casa Carol 53) and I loved it because I felt it brought something different - an artistic feel and a casualness that’s missing from similar affairs. I’m very proud of Costin for pulling it off and I’m already excited to attend the next one!

Since it was the last day of summer I went all out with this colorful dress with a fabulous baroque print. I wasn’t sold on it (not big on shiny fabrics) until I pressed it and put it on – after that it was love at first wear as I thought it looked fantastic and it had a lot of movement to it. 

The jewelry is Romwe as well, they have fantastic bling – I loved the gold bracelet with neon cross stones so much I ordered two of them; the colorful statement earrings were also a must.

The strappy blue sandals and matching bag you might remember from here as I tend to wear them together.

These beautiful prints and sketches are Costin's handiwork!
I’m wearing:
baroque print dress/ rochie cu print baroc - here
leather sandals / sandale - Asos
blue bag / geanta - random brand
twin gold bracelets rings, earrings / bratari, cercei - romwe

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Charlie Hunnam cast as Christian Grey

Later edit: A few weeks later Charlie Hunnam dropped out of "Fifty Shades of Grey" because of a really busy schedule, but let's be serious, we all know he actually tried to read the first book and that was the end of it!:)))) Seriously now, I think Charlie realized this was not what he wanted to do with his career and I applaud him for that! The new Christan Grey was announced soon after and he's Jamie Dornan, another British hottie who used to be a model (I've actually seen him in "The Fall" and he's not bad at all)!
Jamie Dornan
Jamie Dornan

At this point I’m convinced Hollywood and possibly the entire world is conspiring so that I go and watch Fifty Shades of Grey once it’s made into a movie. And you know what? I’m going to go because they did the only thing that would ever convince me to do so – they just cast Charlie Hunnam  as Christian Grey.

This will probably be one of the first movies I will see without reading the books first. Guys, I tried, I really did, but E. L James doesn’t do it for me (pun intended), she makes Stephenie Meyer and Twilight seem like the best read of all time. 

Charlie Hunnam will play opposite Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. Since I only read 40 pages of the first book I’m not going to comment on how good or bad Dakota is for this role. I know very few things about her, she’s Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith’s daughter and I’ve seen a few episodes of the comedy “Ben&Kate” she's starring in and that’s pretty much it. Seems like a good fit but I would have loved Alexis Bladel for this!

Apparently there’s a lot of controversy and hype around the decision and some people are complaining about Charlie Hunnam playing Christian Grey and I’m like: “Say what? Charlie is the only reason I would ever watch that shit! Like literally the only reason!"

So what I say is - get over it! He’s the hottest thing ever and a great actor, he’s too good for Christian Grey and Fifty Shades of Grey if you ask me. I hope this role is not going to ruin his career but rather bring him more fame/name recognition so that he can go further after this.

Girls of all ages will finally get the chance to watch some good television as I expect everybody will do their research and see him in Sons of Anarchy. SOA is an amazing TV show, surprisingly under the radar.

They’re ruining Charlie’s street cred as the badass to end all badasses: Jackson 'Jax' Teller with this but hopefully ratings for Sons of Anarchy will raise and the show will get more attention as a result.

I’ve been loving Charlie Hunnam long time as my faithful readers may know. I loved him even before Sons of Anarchy.

I remember first seeing him in Queer as Folk as Nathan Maloney in the late 90s – he was really very young then. I also remember him in the hilarious Undeclared as the hot British exchange student.

Recently Charlie Hunnam stared in Guillermo del Toro’s $100 million-grossing sci-fi Pacific Rim alongside Idris Elba.

As I mentioned before Charlie Hunnam starred in cult TV show Queer as Folk which ran for only ten episodes starting in April of 1999 and generated a less acclaimed but longer running American version. 

The British drama was an unapologetically honest depiction of modern gay life unlike any other before. Charlie Hunnam played 15-year-old Nathan (he was 18 back then) who begins the series as an innocent, wide-eyed newcomer to all things sexual until he meets much older and experimented Stuart Jones (played by Aidan Gillen - Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish from Game of Thrones).

Sounds familiar? Charlie kind of already embodied Anastasia Steele so it’s only natural he gets to play Christian Grey as well!!! Things have finally come full circle! So stop bitching about it and be grateful Charlie Hunnam knows his way around a sex scene. Between Queer as Folk and Sons of Anarchy, Charlie has been training hard for this!:)))))))))))))

A few more things you should know about love of my life Charlie Hunnam:
  •  he’s 33 years old and 6' 1" (1.85 m)
  •  he might look like your quintessential American boy but he’s British (originally from Newcastle, England) and faking the American accent in Sons of Anarchy
  •   he’s good friends with many of his Sons of Anarchy co-stars - Theo Rossi, Tommy Flanagan, Mark Boone Junior
  •  he has three brothers
  •  he auditioned for Dawson's Creek where he meet Katharine Towne that he married after three weeks (they were married for three years between 1999-2002)
  •  he's a screenwriter as well and pretty good at that since he already sold one script - Vlad - to Plan B and Summit Entertainment
  •  he was discovered in a shoe shop by a production manager
  •  loves to hit the gym (like this would ever surprise somebody with that body)
  •  his current girlfriend is jewelry designer Morgana McNelis who he's been dating for six years. 
  •  they recently left Los Angeles and now live on a farm in the California countryside
  •  he said he hasn’t eaten pork in 25 years.
  •  he stared in an ad campaign for Emporio Armani in 2005
  • Charlie likes folk, blues and bluegrass and he is a huge hip-hop fan (The RZA from Wu-Tang Clan is his favorite artist alongside Van Morrison and Tom Waits)
Photos: 1, 2.
 Any thoughts about this ongoing drama?:)))

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