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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Of sea and stripes

This year I packed very lightly for my vacation in Cyprus so you’re going to see a lot more of this skirt and stripped crop tee as I used them in every possible combination.

When it comes to vacation outfits I’m aiming for comfortable and fun with just a little hint of glitter – colorful accessories always do the trick and don’t take much space in my luggage.

I have nothing else to say other than the obvious: the Larnaca beach was beautiful, the sand was smooth and the sea was blue.

I miss the lazy mornings in the sun and the beautiful sunsets when you make plans to conquer the world having the sea as your witness.

As it may appear I will actually miss summer after all!

I'm wearing
necklace, flats / colier, sandale: H&M
skirt / fusta – vintage
cropped tee / triocu scurt - random brand
bracelet / bratara - New Look

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mixology in utopia

I love giraffes! Weird enough, being called one a lot because of my height only feed my affection for them! Subsequently I had to have this giraffe printed t-shirt from Romwe! 

I’m wearing it in a crazy mix with a floral skirt and red accessories. You can check out a simpler (and probably easier to digest) version of this outfit starring the same skirt here!

The horrible heat wave that hovers over Bucharest like a bad joke isn’t helping my fashion choices, but I'm not defeated yet!
I wish I had two hot shirtless guys with huge fans and cold bottles of water fallowing me everywhere (and fanning away constantly). Is that too much to ask? :))))

 I'm wearing
  giraffe tshirt / tricou girafa - romwe 
red bracelet/ bratara piele - romwe
skirt / fusta – vintage
heels /sandale - Leonardo
 bag /geanta - random brand
 earrings / cercei – Pull&Bear

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wishlist - Summer Days

Hello guys! These are some of the things I really, really like and want in my wardrobe these days!
 peach blazer,  flower mini dress, blue loafers, fuchsia clutch, cat eye sunglasses, butterflies belt

 peplum jacket,  exotic birds t-shirt, leather pants, high top sneakers, gold sandals, orange envelope clutch cross earring hook, gold bracelets, cat eye sunglasses

 Polka dots blazer, white cut out dress, black asymmetric dress, studded loafers, zippers bag, cross bracelets, chain bracelet, spiked bracelet 

Which one of the outfits is more to your liking?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fiery red

One thing that’s missing from my wardrobe is more red and I’m set on rectifying the situation. The first step is this cute frock from Pop Couture I just got and loved instantly. 

The dress is originally a maxi, but because I’m so very tall it wasn’t as long as I wished so I decided to fold it a little and wear it differently.

It goes to show you how versatile clothes can be if only we choose to acknowledge it.

Please ignore the very bad hair day and focus on my adorable frog ring!

 I'm wearing: 
red dress / rochie rosie - Pop Couture
bag /geanta - Debenhams
forg ring  / inel broasca – Jewelry Box (buy here)
 earrings / cercei – vintage
heels /sandale: New Look
sunglasses, triple ring / ochelari, inel triplu - Forever 21

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cyprus – an introduction

I’ve been back for over two weeks and finally got around sorting some of the pictures from the holiday. Cyprus was amazing but I already feel the need for another vacation. Coming back to your daily routine from a beautiful place can be a bit depressing.

The first day was all about airports, amazing new landscapes, a torrid stroll through Nicosia (during which I almost died of thirst as I didn’t know that it will be so hard to find an open store in the middle of the day) and some quality time at the pool to cool off.

We acted like retard kids especially that first day - there were lots of wows involved (OMG!!! olives, OMG orange trees, OMG palm trees, OMG cactuses, OMG weird trees that we don’t recognize – exotic trees fascination all the way). 

The hotel was a dream (the one in Nicosia that is); the pool was perfect, the food amazing and the boys tall, dark and handsome - all great ingredients for an incredible vacation in paradise. 

Unlike many other fellow travelers (think high heels and beaded, sequined, short, sluty dresses) I actually wore something comfortable for the plane trip and first day in Cyprus!
 A little bit of orange picking!
The road - Instagram edition (yes I cave in for yet another social media platform)
 The view from my hotel room!
 A very cool and unfortunately expensive vintage/retro store in Nicosia
 Loving the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling!
I told you the pool was a dream!
 I'm wearing
jacket, necklace, hat, sandals / geaca, colier, palarie, sandale: H&M
watch/ceas - RumbaTime, Electric Wave Perry Slap Watch (buy here)
 swimsuit /costum de baie – vintage
dress, bracelets /rochie, bratari: New Look

  More stories and photos coming soon!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Event: Bam Boo new store launch

This is what I wore last Thursday at the launch of a new Bam Boo store (the 15th) in one of Bucharest’s biggest malls (Afi Palace Cotroceni). Bam Boo is a well known decorations and gift store here in Romania, they have a lot of shops all over the country and with this new addition they changed the look of all of them.

I didn’t take a lot of photos in the store because many of my blogger friends were in attendance and so I was busy catching up with all of them and even meeting some new faces.
The designer in charge with the change, Brandon Lee, did a great job though and the new Bam Boo looks friendly, modern and fresh.

Once again I was kind of overdressed and much taller than everybody else, but I don’t mind that at all! I don’t have time to go to many events, but when I decide to attend one I want to put some of my beautiful dresses to good use. 

I had this fuchsia strapless number hanging in my closet for a while, it seemed a bit abandoned so I took it for a spin. 
I wore a short black shirt over it to tone things done a bit and because I do have this recurrent nightmare regarding strapless dresses that involves “slipping” accidents in a public space. I should really stop watching so much TV shows! :))))

 I'm wearing
dress, bracelet, ring / rochie, bratara, inel: H&M
shirt /camasa – vintage
bag /geanta - Debenhams
heels /sandale: New Look
 earrings / cercei – Pull&Bear

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A blue state of mind

So I’ve been in the mandatory post-holiday funk hence my lack of updates here.
I finally cave in and watched a John Hughes movie (Some kind of wonderful) which is basically the highest antidepressive for me and now I feel much better.

I didn’t even have the energy to sort through the thousands of photos I took in Cyprus so you’ll have to do with an outfit I wore this week in an overheated and stuffy Bucharest.

My mood got mixed into the way I dressed because now that I look at it there’s a lot of blue involved in this one outfit! This vintage dress I wore before so you might remember it but the rest is brand new: the super adorable bag is new and the sandals and earrings I snatched from the asos sale season. 

These earrings were love at first sight: I mean, we're talking huge rhinestone crosses in blue and silver – so very cool, so very rock and roll – they had to be mine. The bag is beyond adorable – the mini size (but quite roomy), the satchel shape, the color and the long strap – I like everything about it.

As for the turquoise sandals – I think they are timeless with that retro wood heel and the colorful leather straps, besides they were greatly discounted so I wasn’t able to say no.

You might also notice I’m sporting a serious tan!
 I’m wearing:
dress/ rochie – vintage
bag / geanta - random brand
bracelet - random brand
 earrings / cercei – Asos
  sunglasses / ochelari - Asos
sandals /sandale - Asos

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