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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A very long summer

It’s pretty amazing that I’m still able to wear sandals – I mean, it’s early October for God’s sake. I’m not complaining though – I hate cold and I dread even thinking about winter.

At least the color palette is of this season – earthy browns with a punch of red and gold! I have this crochet dress for some years now, but it’s still in the rotation (especially with a fitted jacket over). 

The one I have on is super cute because all of the details: gold buttons, ruffles, super accentuated waist, so much so that it’s giving a peplum vibe, don’t you think? 

That being said, I really need a haircut!:)

  I'm wearing:
blazer, belt / sacou, curea - vintage
  dress / rochie – Marks&Spencer
sandals  / gladiatori - New Yorker
bracelet / bratara - Meli Melo
 ring / inel - H&M
sunglasses / ochelari - Asos

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall wishlist

This year, unlike others, I have a very specific fall shopping list in my head, which is not to say it isn't a very long one.

I do have some priority "items" though - those things I'm just aching to get my hands on because I have tons of outfits created around their imaginary existence.

These are basically the ideal version of some of the things I crave the most: biker boots, leather pleated skirt, glittery statement necklaces, peplum tops and skirts, colorful pumps, a trench with contrasting leather sleeves, sleek ankle boots.

Some of them are even in my price range!!!
 pleated leather skirt / red peplum top / black statement necklace / ox blood pumps

  snake skin biker boots / studded biker boots

army leather sleeves trench / blue leather sleeves trench

 peplum fuchsia skirt / colorful crystals necklace / purple pumps

black ankle boots / black&white ankle boots / cream ankle boots / red ankle boots

Does anything here strikes your fancy?

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

High Tops High Hopes

I’ve been looking for ages for a nice pair of sneaker wedges and didn’t really seem to like anything until I found this pair. I wore them straight from the box and I’m pretty obsessed!

Maybe my outfit is not something many people would wear with high tops but it felt just right to me – also a chance to put on a cropped shirt before the cold weather gets here for good.

Floral prints and neutral tones always work great and so does a high waisted skirt and a short top – so it was a done deal in a matter of minutes!
Fall is a great time to wear all my leather jacket – the one I have on is actually suede, but still, I had layers on (sort of)!

As you can probably gather from my funny face expressions I was feeling pretty “happening” in this get up! The comfort factor was just a plus!
I'm wearing:
skirt, cropped shirt / fusta, camasa scurta - vintage
  earrings / cercei – New Look
leather jacket  / geaca de piele - H&M
sneaker wedges / platforme sport - same pair, different color here
 rings / inele - random brand

Monday, September 24, 2012

Small tattoos ideas

Without having any myself, I am a big fan of tattoos both as a form of visually embellishing your body and as a method of communicating something important about yourself, your life or experiences.

That is to say I’m not going to look down on somebody who has a tattoo just because it looks pretty and cool and doesn’t necessary mark something monumental. I’m also going to be impressed and appreciate a tattoo that has an emotionally charged signification.
I guess I see tattoos as a permanent jewelry – that one that you never take off (because is either too beautiful or it was a gift from a loved one or both).

I’m also someone with a very low pain threshold but most importantly someone who doesn’t have a good relation with the word “permanent” so I’d never had the guts to get a tattoo. This hasn’t stopped me to collect hundreds and hundreds of photos as visual inspiration and to research tattooing as my life depended on it.
I thought I should share this interest of mine with all of you!

We’re going to start small, with little tattoos for the ones that aren’t ready for big chest or shoulder pieces, full sleeves and even leg pieces (but we’re getting there).
Many of them are part of the fashion trends that affect even the tattooing world and are generally worn as a permanent accessory.

They may be considered too cliché by the hardcore tattoos’ lover, but I find them cool, even ironically timeless: anchor, birds, small quotes or words, crosses, dandelions, crosses, feathers, dreamchacers - they do express the current popular consciousness and taste.

I’ve made some thematic tattoos collages that I hope you’ll like (tell me in the comments section which one you like/dislike):

I adore the placements of all these relatively small birds tattoos!

A small, meaningful tattooed quote is always a good idea, but be very careful with the style/font you choose and the placement - they can make or break such a tattoo.
 I love all of these, the ones saying: "I refuse to sink" and "with every heartbeat" are really beautiful. Check the spelling - a single wrong/missing letter and you'll be a certified dummy forever or at least until the laser removal treatment:))))

These tattooed birds are adorable and I love the small birds flying towards the ankle!

 "I am the architect of my own destruction" and "wanderlust" are two quotes I'm really relating to - I love those two tattoos, the font, color and placement are perfect!

Again: beautiful placement!

Some more girly, hippie tattoos! The dandelions are super pretty!

These romantic tattoos have amazing colors and great shadows (the butterflies)!
So, do you have any tattoos? Please share?
 Does it mean anything to you? Do you even like tattoos?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Galaxy print dress

This is the first time this year I’m wearing pants, well sort of – as you can see the red jeans I have on serve as some sort of leggings under my Romwe galaxy asymmetric dress.

I’m crazy about the cosmic print but when it arrived a week ago, I realized it was a bit short for me, but decided to make it work by layering it over something. It’s actually kind of perfect – weather getting colder and all that! Besides I think it looks cool and the colors work really great together!

I threw the short leather jacket over for both esthetic and temperature related reasons – it adds a bit more drama to the length variation factor I have going on here.

It also has a totally different feel from my last outfit where I wore an asymmetric dress as well, right?

I kind of felt like a superhero wearing this get up – galactic cape and all that! 

My "You want a piece of me?" face!:))))
 I'm wearing:
dress / rochie - Romwe (buy here)
red jeans / blugi – Old Navy
leather jacket,  / geaca de piele - vintage
sandals / sandale - random brand
spiked ring / inel - Asos

Today's mood

Have you ever answered a question by saying something funny, even a little outrageous, but the person directed to just didn't get it?

Well, it happens to me all the time - it's like people don't have any sense of humor. Taking yourself too seriously is so unattractive !

I mean, is it soo wrong to say this (when asked what's your style)?

How's your day so far?
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Green asymmetric dress

I wore this just last week, but I think that time for bare legs and sandals is pretty much behind us – fall has arrived here and I hope it stays for a while. Autumn is a glorious season and I’d like the chance to wear at least a part of my pretty jackets and blazers.

Let’s talk outfit, shall we!
I’m usually disappointed with the color of the clothes ordered online, it’s always a bit different, less intense than pictured so when this dress arrived I was really excited – it’s the most beautiful shade of green and really, really pretty. It just screamed for my short, vintage biker jacket and some serious bling.  

Besides I’m into this short-long type of dress – I guess it’s the “train” feel of them that makes me act all important (which , obviously,  I am!).

Don’t even ask me what’s up with these photos, it’s like I was body snatched by a crazy, hair flipping weirdo, I was doing something bizarre with my hair in every single shot – these were the normal ones out of the bunch.
Damn, my dreams of supermodel stardom are done! :)))

 I'm wearing:
dress / rochie - Romwe
bracelet, necklace / bratara, colier – Romwe
leather jacket, belt, bag / geaca de piele, curea, geanta - vintage
sandals / sandale - random brand
  cross ring / inel- Asos

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Street Style Highlights at New York Fashion Week

Here’s the inevitable article about my favorite street style outfits as seen at New York Fashion Week (spring/summer 2013). I’ve been collecting inspiring photos from everywhere and now that the big event is over, I can finally show you the ones I loved the most.

The fashion outside the shows has become as important as the shows themselves and I know many of you are more excited about the outfits in the streets than about the new collections. I guess street style has a larger appeal because it gives us the impression it’s more affordable and authentic than the high-end ensembles on the runway. That’s pretty much the case usually, but a big part of the crowd at a big fashion week wears a super expensive variety of the designer clothes and accessories that most of us can only dream of.

What I do love about this events though is that they’d become “more available”, the shows can be watched online in real time and basically anybody can go and strout around and be featured on the street style section of or alongside the industry’s who’s who.

These are happy times for fame whores everywhere! We all have the chance to become fashion icons if not anything else.

I love how almost all the photos feature a glorious New York summer to fall weather – makes me love this city even more!

 Any favs?

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