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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pastel pink hair – Sakura backdrop

These are probably the most unusual photos I have ever taken. I always wanted to try a colorful wig on, so when I had the opportunity, I chose one in pastel pink. I tried a dramatic, Arabian inspired eye makeup for the sake of contrast, but looking back, it probably wasn’t the best decision. The outfit however, I feel, works well with everything.

ways to wear a pink wig, wig hairstyles, synthetic pink wig hairdo, low side ponytail tutorial

 Since the price was very low and the wig was synthetic, I didn’t really expect that much.

sakura trees gif, cherry blossom trees moving image
sakura trees gif, cherry blossom trees moving image

Once I got it, I was very surprised the hair looked very “real”, especially considering the color I chose. You know I have a few sets of natural hair extensions so I was able to make an informed comparison. The hair strands on this wig mimic the way natural hair looks very well and it doesn’t have the fake synthetic shine these type of wigs usually do. It does have plenty of hair, but it gets a bit thinner toward the ends which actually helps with the natural look too.

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On the other hand, the wig cap is made for Asiatic heads so it was a real struggle to fit it on my medium sized, European head. If I want to suffer like that, I can always try to put my skinny jeans on, thank you very much! 

These sweatpants are all that fits me right now gif, Mean Girls favorite quotes, Mean Girls gifs
It has and adjustable strap at the back that I didn’t need for obvious reasons. Good thing the cap was elastic; otherwise I couldn’t have worn it. The hair tangles a lot, so don’t throw it in a heap in a corner because it’s going to be very hard to get it back to the way it first looked. Trying to brush it, will affect the pretty loose curls the wigs comes with. Brushing will also result in a lot of shedding as I learned the hard way. Instead, you can gently comb it with your fingers to get it the shape you want.

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Although having a bang doesn’t really suit me, I went for a wig that has one because I thought it would be easier to hide my hair line behind it. And I was right about that. Still, it’s pretty hard to style, but not impossible with a little bit of patience. As you can see, I tried three different styles: a side ponytail, a cute bun and just leaving the wig as it was without attempting anything crazy. You can’t really wear your hair up with this wig, but “low hanging” hairstyles can be achieved.

Weighting the pro and cons, this is my verdict regarding this wig: Considering how cheap it is, I would definitely recommend it. It’s great for photo-shoots and themed parties, cosplay, Halloween and even a festival or concert (but you’ll have to make sure and secure it on your head the best way you can).

The necklace is from the same store and it’s incredibly cute and well made – I don’t have anything negative to say about it. I loved the color combination when I first saw it and it does look exactly the same or even better in reality.

Disclaimer – The wig and necklace were sent to me as a gift. This is my honest, unbiased opinion about them.

sakura trees gif, cherry blossom trees moving image, pink petals rain
get pastel pink hair, Hermes scarf printed dress, statement necklace, pink hair
M.I.A-bring the noise, pink hair, pastel hair, colorful hairstyles
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 Please let me know if you like Sara’s edit for this photos – she said they needed a Sakura inspired background and I can’t disagree. 

 I’m wearing:
pink wig / peruca - here
necklace / colier - here
  dress, belt / rochie, curea - vintage

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