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Monday, November 28, 2011

SoLovesVintage - online vintage musing

What better way to start a new week than with a bit of retro inspiration!

"A new dress doesn't get you anywhere; it's the life you're living in the dress and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later.” - Diana Vreeland
SoLovesVintage is a British online store that’s committed to bringing back the sophistication and glamour of the past decades in every girl’s wardrobe. Every piece of clothing sold in this vintage store is handpicked by the lovely owner - Sofia - who is a long time fan and collector of vintage treasures herself.
It couldn’t be any other way as the selection of clothes is truly splendid: beautifully made one of a kind dresses, skirts, coats, jewelry and purses designed to really stand out and make you look unforgettable.

You'll be happy to hear that SoLovesVintage has a 20% off until December the 7th on all items.

SoLovesVintage is a people oriented business that believes in building a personal relationship with every client. They have a blog section where they talk about different ways to wear a garment, they offer tips and tricks to effortlessly incorporate vintage in your outfits and look modern and classy at the same time.

Vintage is about expressing yourself and being unique in your choices while also wearing something beautifully crafted and refined. This online store makes buying women vintage clothes a fun and easy experience.

Another thing I loved it’s SoLovesVintage monthly magazine. Make sure and check out the archives: they are full of wonderful photos and outfits, inspirational collages, iconic looks and helpful articles regarding ways to style and wear vintage.

The site is well organized, very intuitive and easy to navigate. All the photos are beautiful and every piece is carefully described and measured.

It was very hard for me to choose any favorites, but I went for exquisite pieces that are perfect for the holiday season:

I'm in love with this particular dress - it would be perfect for New Year's Eve! I mean: backless, with sparkly beaded fringes - did anybody say dancing?!!!
Spectacular statement necklace! Enough said!:))) 

Look at that belt?! WOW, right?

What do you think? Isn't vintage the best!!?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mustard shoes

Just a quick outfit post with a little something I wore last week, while in Bucharest. I’m still in Belgium right now trying to make the best of my trip, but that is no reason to slow down on updating the blog.

The mustard shoes are a recent addition to my closet, they are in fact a bit yellow, but very cute and reasonably comfortable. I’m also wearing a 60’s vintage jacket that I was lucky to find in mint condition, but somehow forgot about so, I thought I ought to debut it, rather sooner than later. You never know when the first snow will attack and wearing jackets will be out of discussion. The dress is very simple but I love it because is made out of this really light weight wool and goes with everything you can imagine.

Hope you’re planning something fun for the weekend! :)

I'm wearing:
shoes/pantofi: Tommy Hilfiger
belt, jacket/curea, jacheta: vintage
dress/rochie: random brand
rings/ inele: Miss Selfridge and random brand
tights/ciorapi: random brand
tassel earrings/cercei franjuri: Alice&Sara (handmade by me)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pick me, Love me, Choose me

Remember how a week or so ago I told you about the fashion icon contest between bloggers that I was asked to be part of? Well it's on!

I'm not even in the country right now, so no hassling from my part but I will appreciate every vote I get from every single one of my readers.  My outfit was inspired by Ulyana Sergeenko!

Taking the show on the road: Belgium

I’ve probably already landed in Bruxelles by the time you all read this; I prepared this text in advance. Needless to say I’m super excited; I really needed a break from pretty much everything. Thank God for the trips – they are one of the reasons I don’t have a nervous breakdown now and again.
I don’t know if I will be able to do any live blogging from Belgium and I won’t stress too much about it, but I did prepare some articles to keep you entertained while I’m gone.

How was packing you ask? Well, I‘m very proud of myself, I only packed 2 dresses, 2 skirts, 2 shirts, 3 sweaters and 2 pairs of shoes including what I’m wearing on the plain for the whole week I’m spending there. I went a bit overboard with the accessories: hats, belts, gloves, scarves and the rest but they didn’t take so much space so it’s ok. I’ve also heard it’s even colder there than in Bucharest right now so I’m sure I’ll be happy I got them.

By now I transformed packing into an art; I know what to take and what to leave behind. I can share the knowledge if you’re interested.

I would be grateful for any good tips on places to visit, shop, eat, dance (especially:))) in Bruxelles.

Thank you so much for all the support, comments, following and I can’t wait to tell you all about this trip!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Witchy: maxi dress, floppy hat and a statement necklace

So, guys, remember how I told you people write to me asking all kind of stuff?! Well, I decided I’m going to answer their emails on the blog (when I have the time that is).

Carmen sent me this email: I’ve read in an interview you gave that you are sometimes inspired by books and characters in them to dress a certain way. I really don’t get that! Can you explain?
(Am citit intr-un interviu de pe alt blog ca uneori esti inspirata de carti si personajele din ele cand te imbraci. Chiar nu inteleg asta! Poti sa explici?)

Sure I can!:)))
Every time I read a book I start living a bit in the universe of that specific book and I end up thinking about it a lot. I’m also a super visual person and while I read I can also “see” (with my minds eyes:) scenes from it, imagine how the characters look like and so on. It's a bit like emerging in a tube of warm water - you feel it all over and can't get out all dried and dandy.

I’ve also been known to fall in love/hate some of the personages, quote from the books I like to the dismay and amusement of all my friends. Right now I’m reading a lot of fantasy books, one of the lasts was The Wise Woman (by Phillipa Gregory), also Good Omens, The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter (by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) so I’m pretty much unconsciously dressing like a witch:)))).

Don’t take that literally – I’m not going to wear a pointy hat and black lipstick, it’s just a general, irrational desire I have to wear maxi lengths, dark clothes, heavy jewelry and large head adornments. My sister just finished A Song of Ice and Fire and can’t stop searching for dragon rings, fur collars and capes which I couldn’t be happier about. Crazy goes in the family!

I hope I explained myself. I can’t honestly understand how others can read something and not be inspired to dress or do something else maybe, but you know, mainly be inspired. I guess, I’m just weird that way.

I’m wearing the maxi dress my sister made for me, but it seems I have a skirt on because the upper part is hidden under a cute black shirt that I topped with a statement necklace.

What do you think? Do I give a witchy vibe?
Somebody asked in a comment what was the brand of the yellow nail polish - it’s OPI, The "IT" Color
I'm wearing
 belt/curea: vintage
shirt/camasa: Topshop
dress/rochie: handmade by my sister
rings/ inele: Miss Selfridge
necklace/colier: Forever 21
hat/palarie: New Look
flats/ balerini: American Eagle

Monday, November 21, 2011

Red dress goes rock&roll

Another outfit from the dream series!!! Nothing cooler than a short, red dress worn with boots and Gothic style jewelry. Throwing on a leather jacket is never a bad thing! :) Happy Monday!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Rockstar diaries: biker jacket and white lace dress

I sometimes remember clothes I used to be obsessed with in the past and decide to wear them again for the sake of all the good times. The following outfit is one of those! I used to wear this biker jacket a lot back when my collection of leather jackets wasn’t as extensive as it‘s these days. Still, it’s one of my cooler pieces.

Oh, and my pair of white Adidas Superstar that I bought one summer I spent in Seattle and wore every single day for a week . I love these shoes – so many amazing memories and adventures we shared - me and my sister in an foreign country, leaving in a huge, interesting city, so far away from anything familiar but happy and free and trying to experience as much as possible, making new friends, dreaming.

Really, it’s the memories, the smells, the colors and people that make a garment special, the ones you associate with that particular item, not the brands and price tags. 

The clothes I love the most are the ones I’ve been happy in, the ones that have seen smiles and kisses and laughs and starry skies and early mornings and airports, the ones that traveled with me and have seen the sea. All my favorite clothes could tell wonderful stories and know more about me than most people do.

That’s why I’m mainly an emotional dresser.

Check out the tutorial for the cross nails! Daca va plac unghiile, nu uitati de tutorial!

Uneori imi amintesc de anumite haine de care am fost obsedata in anumite perioade ale vietii mele si decid sa le imbrac din nou. In vremurile in care colectia mea de geci de piele era la inceput, o purtam foarte des pe aceasta. Inca mi se pare super cool!

Si perechea alba de Adidas Superstar pe care i-am cumparat din Seattle in prima vara petrecuta acolo (i-am purtat o saptamana intreaga in fiecare zi si am impartit cu ei o multime de aventuri). Imi amintesc de o perioada frumoasa cand am locuit intr-un oras uimitor, in care eram singura cu Sara la un ocean distanta de orice si orcine familiar, dar fericite si libere si gata sa cucerim lumea.

Imi dau seama ca brandurile, etichetele, pretul hainelor nu inseamna nimic, ceea ce le face cu adevarat importante si speciale sunt amintirile, oamenii, culorile si mirosurile de care ne amintesc, pe care le asociem cu aceste haine.

Toate piesele mele preferate sunt cele care au fost martore la zambete, saruturi, ceruri albastre sau pline de stele, emotii si dimineti calde, prieteni in aeroporturi, cele care au calatorit cu mine, cele care, daca ar putea vorbi, ar spune adevarate povesti si care stiu mai multe despre mine decat majoritatea oamenilor.

I'm wearing
dress, belt/rochie, curea: vintage
leather jacket/geaca: random brand
armor ring/ inel armura: Asos
clear lens sunglasses/ochelari: H&M
cross double ring/inel dublu cruce: Forever 21
socks/sosete: Miss Selfridge
shoes/ pantofi: Adidas Superstar
necklaces/coliere: random brand and made by me

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today's mood: lazy bones

I feel incredibly lazy today, even eating seems exhausting and as it happens I have tons of things to do.I think I’m going to try to sleep do it all inspite of my terrible mood. Sometimes you feel the bed is your best and only friend, especially when you have no ice to slide on and actually have to work:))))).

How's your day so far?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Your Majesty

It’s not just me being really into stories right now - just look at the December Issue of Flare Magazine featurig some pretty dramatic looks (Givenchy, Emilio Pucci, Bottega Veneta) inspired by medieval literature and armor and shoot by Chris Nicholls.

Models Emily Fox, Dani and Finlay Moore are portreting royalty and succed in delivering the superiority and ice cold detachment which I imagine blue blood spawns should have.

I like the feel of canavas and twisted family portrets this pictures have. I'm sensing a bit of a good sister, evil sister and creepy sister vibe going one here. Or maybe I'm just imagining things and should just ease up on horror stories?!!

Beautiful and strange at the same time, don't you think so?
 Who do you think is the good one and who's the evil one in this story? We all know who's the creepy one!:)))
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