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Monday, October 31, 2011

Soft asymmetric cardigan

Here’s the part two of the Dimensione Danza outfit I told you about last Monday. Ok, I admit, it’s the same outfit, I just added the cardigan but I think it looks completely different. I had a lot of fun trying to figure out different ways to wear it, the long parts in the front give you the liberty to wrap it around your body however you want; it’s a little bit like a stylish blanket :))).

P.S  In cazul in care nu sunteti deja plictisiti de mine puteti citi un interviu cu yours truly PeTocuri!

I’m wearing:
Skirt, Blouse, Cardigan and Necklace/Fusta, Bluza, Cardigan si Colier – Dimensione Danza
shoes/botine: BB Up
leggings/ciorapi: Forever 21
sunglasses/ochelari – Asos

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who are you going to be for Halloween?

If Halloween would be a big deal in Romania (and I’m not talking about thematic club parties) it would so be one of my favorite holidays.

I would be the girl that thinks about her costume/character months in advance and I would chaperon random kids just for the excuse to go trick-or-treat despite my age.

I’m talking about good old Halloween all the clichés included: watching horror movies, going to visit old abandoned houses and graveyards, pretending to be somebody else and really committing to it, lights and creepy home decorations, carved pumpkins, too much candy and orange food.

Who am I kidding?!! I already have some costume ideas lined up even if Halloween isn’t big in my corner of the world and nobody really wears costumes on the streets. It’s not even about the costumes, it’s  more about the stories, about escaping into fantasy, embracing magic and the impossible, being silly and childish.

If given the chance I would definitely be a more creative Halloween dresser. Sluty Barbie, sluty nurse, playboy bunny don’t really make the cut for me; I mean, I can dress like a ho any time, but, seriously, how many times a year can I get a free pass to be a superhero, a TV or a book character?!!! We don’t have Comic-Con here in Bucharest?:)))))

My top 3 choices for this year Halloween are:

           1. Daenerys Targaryen (Daenerys Stormborn)

I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with R.R Martin’s fantasy series (A Song of Ice and Fire), I’ve read them all (the 5 book already published and I’m impatiently waiting for the rest).

And who wouldn’t want to be even if for a single day Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targareyen, Mother of Dragons, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea?????? I bet some of you know what I’m talking about!!!

Things you need to dress up like Daenerys Stormborn: a long maxi dress, preferably Grecian style and silk in a muted color, embellished gladiator sandals, arm bracelets (for the upper part of your arms). I would personally add a leather vest and a dragon ring and maybe little bells in my hair (those who read the books will understand). The hair is crucial - it has to be long, with soft curls and braids.Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween

           2. Angela Chase

I’ve always loved Angela and still identify with her (even now in my mid twenties). My so Called Life is one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen, it’s the perfect story about being young and in love, a little bit too smart for your own good and awkwardly trying to figure out what the hell is going on all while rocking plaid.
But I guess Alice would make a better Angela – they have the same hairdo, she just needs to dye her hair a fiery "Crimson Glow”.

If you're a super witty redhead then being Angela Chase for Halloween will be easy. The only thing missing is to dress the part: you need a plaid dress or a shirt and a girly, short skirt, combat type boots (Dr. Martens would be perfect) and a denim vest or jacket. Other than that act shy, use "like" in every single sentence, smile a lot and play obsessively with your hair. Being in love with  a boy named Jordan that leans like no other would also help:))).Angela Chase

           3. Margot Tenenbaum

I guess I always felt like I was an unscripted member of The Royal Tenenbaums, as numb and jaded as Margot and equally as hopeless and romantic. A chain smoking, stripe loving mess, a girl that just understands and thinks too much. Also a great choice for Alice hair wise!

If you choose to impersonate Margot Tenebaum you have to get hold of a brown (faux) fur coat to wear over a short, stripped, Lacoste dress, a pair of cute loafers, pink gloves and a red bow bobby pin to hold your hair on one side. You also have to use black eyeliner and pretend to smoke all the time while looking down on everybody.Margot Tenenbaum
Who are you going to be?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weary sun, sleep tonight, go crashing into the ocean

I obviously didn’t wear this yesterday, there is a full blown mean fall weather outside but I wish I could have. I just stumbled upon these pictures taken a few weeks ago and decided the outfit deserves a place here. The pictures were taken by two of my favorite persons in the world: my unbearably cute cousin Livia and my radiant and extremely funny friend Anna.

The high waisted navy skirt is something that I really love, if it was a boy I would be crazy in love! :))))). Vintage of course! That cropped oversized t-shirt that I knotted at the back is unfortunately no more; I spilled something on me and ruined it. Let’s be grateful it had a moment of glory at least :))).

In case you’re wondering about the necklace here’s a tip: there are in fact two of them that I layered to make a bigger and flashier one. Get creative with your jewelry: there are a million way to wear them!

Another tip that I can give you it’s that this length of skirt (mid-calf) works really well with high sky heels; they give it a really classy feel no matter how tall you are.

Simt nostalgie numai uitandu-ma la fotografiile acestea. Si cand te gandesti ca au fost facute acum cateva saptamani; intre timp s-a instalat toamna si este intr-o dispozitie foarte rea!
O zi petrecuta cu doua dintre persoanele mele favorite: Livia si Anna, cu soare si picioare dezvelite!!!

Fusta albastra cu talie inalta pe care o port este una dintre piesele mele favorite, daca ar fi un baiat ar fi sufletul meu pereche. Din pacate am distrus tricoul foarte larg si scurt pe care il port in poze innodat la spate cand am varsat ceva pe mine din greseala. Macar a avut un moment de glorie!:))))

Si daca imi ingaduiti o va dau si doua ponturi:
Primul este legat de acest gen de lungime a fustei (la jumatatea gambei), stiu ca mai toata lumea se fereste de ea datorita mitului urban ca se potriveste numai fetelor inalte, eu sunt intr-adevar foarte inalta, insa cred ca vine de minune oricui o poarta cu tocuri sau platfome, mi se pare ca arata foarte elegant.
Al doilea este legat de folosirea creativa a bijuteriilor: daca nu aveti un colier statement suficient de mare puteti combina doua mai micute (le asezati in straturi) asa cum am facut eu in fotografii, nu trebuie sa fie acelasi stil sau material, contrastele arata grozav.

 How amazing is Livia's tulip skirt?
 I told you Anna's trully radiant!:)
I'm wearing
skirt and belt/fusta si curea: vintage
heels and oversized blouse/sandale si tricou scurt: random brand
rings/inele: Meli Melo
necklaces/coliere:  New Look and Forever 21
sunglasses/ochelari - Asos

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photography Spotlight: Sohodoll

This month photography feature is actually a young Romanian artist that I luckily discovered while trolling the web as I usually do. It’s also going to be a bit different - Alina aka Sohodoll was kind enough to answer a “few” questions I sent her way.

Her work is amazing and diverse, but I chose to illustrate this article with my favorite photos from a black&white series called “boys as skaters” because, well, I love them, the shoots are genuine and emotionally charged.

Also the dark haired kid is really something else, he should ease on skating and start modelling. That smile and dimples deserve big bucks, I’m telling you! :) Can you say jailbait? :)))))

I think you’ll find this to be a rather cool interview, I loved her answers.

Sara: So, I’m not planning to bore you to death or anything like that but you have to tell me stuff about yourself! Such as: How old are you? What’s your name (or how do you like to be called as an artist)?
Alina: Hey there! I’m 20 years young, my real name is Alina but I’m called Sohodoll due to the fact I’m using this name on various platforms where I showcase my work.

S: Where are you based?
A: I’m based in London right now, moved here for school, but not for long as I intend to go for my MA in New York and then, after, to travel as much as I can.

S: What do you do except amazeballs photography?
A: Except photography, I’m making music videos, short films, I draw and paint and started to write more lately.

S: Is this a hobby or something you plan to feed yourself with?
A: Art was never just a hobby, actually it was a way to express myself since I was 3, I think. And yes, it’s going to be my career, no matter what. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else so it has to be this.

S: What type of camera do you use?
A: Well, I bought my first SLR (Canon 60d) this summer, before I was working with a Sony H7 and film cameras. One of the next projects I have in mind is going to be shoot on Polaroid and I can’t wait to experiment with it.

S: Is there any editing involved? What program?
A: I’m using Photoshop for basic adjustments such as color/curves and that’s all.

S: The good, old “what inspires you?”
A: I’m inspired by life in general; it's incredible how you can get inspiration from everywhere and everything around you. If you want to hear artist names then Sally Mann, Bruce Weber, Mike Brodie, Nan Goldin and so on.

S: Where would you see your worked published (ideally)?
A: I hope to work someday for magazines like Purple, Dazed and Confused, Idol, Love, Another Mag, Vice and so on and to show honest beauty in this industry that promotes the opposite – especially because I’m studying fashion photography. Every artist plays for a crowd and these are the type of magazines I’d be honored to work with. Also, in galleries and film festivals for my future films/videos. Hopefully.

S: Are you harassing your friends to appear in your photos? They should be so lucky!:))))
A: My models are my friends and relatives, facebook friends and also strangers who I met on the streets and asked them to take their picture.

S: What kind of people do you like to work with?
A: Interesting, real, inspiring people.

S: Part two is about the boys as skaters series. Do you know the model looking dudes? I suppose so now, but did you know them at first or you just went to their “playground” and casually asked to take photos of them shirtless? Did they pose or did you told them to just go about their business and just snapped amazing photos of them? Are you going to take more photos of them?
A: ‘Boys as skaters’ is an on-going project, I’m planning to photograph them again when I'll go back to Romania in order to see them grow and how they change over time. It’s nothing staged in the photographs, everything captured there is real and that’s why they’re my favourites, because it feels like captions of what I want my photography to be about - raw, honest, youthful idealism.

  What do you think? Does her work inspire you in any way? 

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