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Friday, November 30, 2012

Retro Friday

How lucky are we, here in Romania, for being able to dress like this in November? Pretty lucky I’ll say as I dread cold. As far as I’m concerned we can pass winter all together.

Other than that I feel super lazy today – it’s great is a day off and I can just take some time to relax and catch up on my TV shows.

I hope you’re feeling head scarves because I sure am – the one I’m wearing in the pictures has a lovely grapes print and goes famously with my grey leather jacket and veil high waisted skirt. 

Have an amazing weekend, you guys!
  I'm wearing:
  grey leather jacket / geaca piele - H&M
royal blue sandals  / sandale - random brand
skirt, head scarf, velvet bodysuit / fusta, esarfa, bluza  - vintage
pink necklace / colier - random brand
bug ring / inel - random brand 

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Swarovski Elements iPad Magazine

As a certified sparkle and jewelry lover, I’m happy to be one of the people to share with the world the launch  of Swarovski Elements ‘s brand new iPad App Magazine in iTunes.

This wonderful iPad Magazine was created to celebrate the spirit of creative collaboration that has been central to Swarovski's success since the very beginning.

You can download the iPad Magazine App for free via iTunes and enjoy the inspiring sections that will be featured in every issue (In Focus, Portrait, People&Party), find the season's hottest trends and must-have pieces in the Swarovski Crystallized jewelry guide while watching the amazing photo galleries and videos available.
I’m sure this will leave you thoroughly entertained. 

For additional fun news make sure and check out their Facebook page.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Parka with over the knee boots

Yes, I am indeed wearing my parka as a dress with a black pair of over the knee boots and bright mustard tights – we wouldn’t want to be boring, would we? 

I don’t really know how to explain the reaction this outfit got on the mean streets of Bucharest. Let’s just say words fail me, so I’m going to paraphrase a modern poet who quite wisely once said:

"My parka brings all the boys to the yard cause my parka is better than yours!”))))))))))))))

I know many people are still looking for their perfect parka, but I had mine for over a year now. You might remember me wearing the khaki version here – the classic green gives it a more military vibe, but I do prefer this navy blue, it’s a bit unexpected for a fishtail parka.

Knee high boots may have a bad reputation, but I do have a soft spot for them – which doesn’t really explain why this is the first time I’m wearing them in two years – except the fact that I forgot I had them. It’s like forgetting you have Charlie Hunnam hidden in your closet (which I would never forget) – what I mean is that we are talking sexy boots here. Got it? :))))) Everyone should have a Pretty Woman tribute boots in their stash of winter boots, right?

 I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me!:)))))
Can you see (from the Moon) I have a thing for cross earrings?
 I'm wearing:
  parka coat / parka - New Look
mustard tights  / ciorapi mustar - New Look
 bag / geanta  - random brand
polka dots silk dress / rochie matase cu buline - vintage  
over the knee boots / cizme peste genunchi -  New Yorker
rings / inele - Forever 21and Miss Selfridge
earrings / cercei - Asos

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Instagram lately

It's official - I caved in to yer another social media platform and I'm now live and kicking on Instagram. I guess what finally got me was the fact they launched Instagram online as I'm not so much into phone apps only.

You can find me on as @popculturealice and this is my Instagram profile!

A few lovely afternoons made better with good food, friends and wine!
 I'm a dog person (pictured holding Captain America - Cap for friends - Anna's baby) and love fall!
 Obsessed with high heels, suspender tights and birthday roses!
 Things  I can't live without: books, coffee, my ipod and laptop, stacks of bracelets and ice - cream (they had buckets of it at the BSB store opening I attended - heaven)!
 Amazing surprise from Remington: Easy Curl! Can't wait to try it and tell you all about it!
 I'm all about the rings and colorful nails!
 Stefanel changing-room, polka dots and high tops
 Lovely brunch/trunk show yesterday at Pronovias! You wouldn't believe the dresses there - stunning!
 If you want some more check out my  Instagram profile!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Adam Levine – the road to stardom

Adam Levine – biography songs and love life
You might wonder what got into me to write an article about Adam Levine? Well, his hotness got into me (oh, that didn’t come out right)! Besides, philosophical questions that needed answers come to mind last night while watching the latest episode of The Voice.

Can you believe that the scrawny boy from back when the video for “This Love” appeared has transformed into this beautiful butterfly?:)))))

So yeah, I’m a total "main-streamer" and like Maroon 5 a lot – they have those kind of albums that you can listen from start to finish and  honestly say you loved all the songs.   

But before Maroon 5, Adam Levine was just like the rest of us - trying to make it in the (music) world.
His first band, Kara's Flowers was created in high school when they landed a record deal with Reprise. The band released an album called The Fourth World in 1997. They even appeared in an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 (the original) but I honestly don’t remember it and I was watching it religiously back in the day. The album had little success, and its only single, "Soap Disco", wasn’t popular enough - so the band was dropped by the label.

After that failure Levine headed to New York with Jesse Carmichael to attend college. This was a good move as they were exposed to a whole new music scene and absorbed new influences, mainly hip-hop, R&B, soul and gospel. Having that whole new world around him changed Levine's perspective on songwriting, even changed the way he sang – from a grunge-inspired delivery to a higher and more expressive one.

He actually worked as a writer’s assistant on the TV show Judging Amy  at one point before hitting the jackpot.

Levine and Jesse decided to drop out of school after a semester and headed back home where they reunited with Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick (former Kara's Flowers members) and added James Valentine in 2001 renaming the band Maroon 5.
They scored a new deal with Octone Records and released Songs about Jane in June 2002. This time around the album was good enough to land them a platinum record by 2004.

I bet not even Adam would have guessed that being a huge cry baby and writing an entire album about his ex girlfriend would turn out to be such a great thing! Because that’s exactly what he did - like every other normal person in the world (and I’m not talking Taylor Swift and her crazy writing ways) - he started writing lyrics about his ex-girlfriend, Jane.

Can you believe that heartless bitch did not even contact him after dedicating the whole album to her? That was in 2004 because by 2007, Levine referred to them as being “close friends”. She saw the error of her ways and possibly the new and improved shirtless Adam.
I mean, if a dude went to the trouble of writing amazing songs about me (which I’m sure it’s happening as we speak, we're talking multiple dudes here) I would at least write him an email or a twitter blast to acknowledge I was a muse.

I always wondered who Jane was! Didn’t you? Well, wonder no more: the girl that inspired Maroon 5`s first album `Songs About Jane” is none other than former `Vogue` editor, Jane Herman (she was actually fired form Vogue – I can smell a bit of scandal right there).
Jane and Adam Levine were high school sweethearts and dated for 4 years before splitting up. Jane Herman is now Gap’s Director of Concept (whatever that is) and lives in NYC (she’s the one in the photos below):


Don’t get your hope high though - the cruel truth is the days when he was spending his time crying like a little girl after ex girlfriends are behind him – he now has an only supermodels policy when it come to love. 

He’s partial to Victoria’s Secrets angels if we are to weight in Adam Levine’s current girlfriend, Behati Prinsloo, and the one before her, Anne Vyalitsyna  - both Victoria’s Secrets models. 
Anne Vyalitsyna and Adam Levine were together for 2 years and he hooked up with Behati just months after the split with Anne V. I bet the awkward can actually be touched in the Victoria’s Secrets locker-room. 

After the long string of Hollywood romances including Cameron Diaz and Maria Sharapova we can honestly answer no to the inevitable Is Adam Levine gay? question, followed by kind of  to Is Adam Levine Jewish? (he still identifies with his Jewish heritage but it isn’t, and never was a big part of his life) and a decided hell no to Is Adam Levine married? (I do prefer to keep my dirty thoughts for “single” guys).

Adam Levine's tattoos are hot! Just like the rest of him!

But the real surprise for me was that after I started watching The Voice where he is a judge/mentor, I realized there’s more to him than the musician. From my personal experience pretty boys ruin everything by talking, but he’s actually very articulate, smart and very funny.
What I was trying to say is that while he’s a true rock star cool tattoos included there’s something more to him than the usual clichés as he wasn’t always so sure of himself. Word is that he was terribly shy as a child and he played with his back to the audience at his first performance. Isn’t that just cute? 

He proclaims that he still is shyer that we may think saying: "The sad truth is that person in the tabloids is way cooler than I actually am," and "If you believed all the things written about me, you'd think I was a pimp."

I find that hard to believe coming from a man that did and said so many outrageous and inappropriate things. A bit late to pose as this innocent little lamb, ayn’t it, Adam?
I think the gap of time between the skinny front singer of Maroon 5 to the superstar he is today (being nominated for six People's Choice Awards in both music and television this year) was small and he got a little carried away.
He’s probably a self centered diva but hey, he has every reason to be like that (Adam Levine's net worth is currently a modest $15 million) so I’m not hating!

As shy as it gets - told you so!

Have you seen him in American Horror Story: Asylum? I watched just the first 5 episodes and Adam has a minor role, but he does makes the best of it (shirtless in the first 3 minutes) and I really hope his character will get more screen time soon.

What I hope will never happen is him leaving Maroon 5 - he stated in more than one interview that he doesn’t want to be with Maroon 5 forever and may plan to stop at some point. I don’t get why ruin a perfectly good thing, I do think he has enough talent to make it on his own but I hope he will stay with the boys - you can’t beat a good bromance!

Finally - I love Adam’s sense of style! Have you seen him work a cardigan? The boy is fierce! The mix of rock star and all American boy next door/geek is doing it for me. As he so eloquently puts it: "I'm into clothes, and that's basically it." 

He’s also a classic car lover traveling in style in a 1971 Mercedes 280 SE 3.5 Cabriolet. No wonder he has a starring role in my permanent dream rotation. Too bad he’s shorter than me – Adam’s Levine height (somewhere between 178-181cm/5'11 depending on the site) is basically the only thing staying in our way. Otherwise is a sure thing - we're gonna happen!

Later edit: Adam Levine actually got engaged with his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo later in 2013 so we'll see how that goes!:)
But the real news is Adam recently colored his signature black hair (Mai 2014) and it's now a platinum blonde. Rarely has a change of look caused such controversy - Adam is obviously the new America's sweetheart and, as such, everybody has an opinion about it: me included. Here is what I think - Adam Levine is still hot as a blonde and on top of that I can make lots of jokes about his new hair color, so, thank you!

 Photos: 1, 2
Maroon 5’s newest album, "Overexposed" hit stores on June 26th 2012 and it’s great but as far as Adam Levine songs go my all time favorite is still “She will be loved”.
Do you have a favorite Maroon 5 song? Do you even like Adam Levine?

Monday, November 19, 2012

That 80s dress

I haven’t worn this silk dress in a long time and it really deserves to get out more.
You’d think I wouldn’t forget about it since it’s the embodiment of two of my favorite things: a retro peplum piece with tiny adorable polka dots print, but it gets lost in the depths of my huge wardrobe (imagine it as a bit of a wormhole as you can use it to travel through time and even get lost sometimes).

Still I remembered I had it when I got the pink, ruffled leather jacket and the white rhinestone necklace in my mail – I felt like I should wear them together! And how about the fringed, studded arrow shaped bag? I’m a bit obsessed with it, truth be told. Already planning a boho outfit around it.

The only thing missing is a pair of Vivienne Westwood Melissa boots in black and white – I think they are the soul mate of my dress shoe wise. In fact I’ll manage with anything Vivienne Westwood if we are on this particular subject. I’m low maintenance if nothing else! :))))

  I'm wearing:
pink leather jacket / geaca piele - random brand
 bag / geanta  - random brand
necklace / colier - random brand
polka dots silk dress / rochie matase cu buline - vintage  
wedges / ghete -  New Yorker
rings / inele - Forever 21 and Asos

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