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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Does dressing up make people look down on you?

Every time I sense fall creepin’ in, I get this feeling of renewed determination regarding my future plans mixed with the ridiculous panic that I didn’t wear half of my summer wardrobe. The story of my life – serious shit and superficial stuff always fighting for my attention!

But here’s what I learned – you can be a badass at your job and do everything you put your mind into and still love fashion and dressing up. Some people will label you as a mindless bimbo for it ‘cause you can’t possibly wear a pretty fluffy skirt, high heels and also have a mind of your own! I personally don’t care for that sort of jerks! 

I like my costume jewelry and short dresses and I’ll be damned if I’ll ever give them up just to be taken seriously by narrow minded idiots. I don’t mind proving people wrong – at least that means they have it in them to eventually see past their preconceptions which gives me a bit of hope.

That being said, you’ll see me wear lots of cropped tops and summery skirts and dresses in the next couple of outfit posts – I just want to give all of them a go while I still can :)))).

And yes, I’m back to a constant posting schedule here! I told you fall does things to my heart and mind!

 cropped top - random brand / puffy skirt - here / studded sandals - H&M/ cross earrings - here / bracelets - New Look / sunglasses - romwe / bag - random brand

 Let me know if you ever felt that liking fashion and clothes has made certain people look down on you and if you want me to talk more about this subject! :))

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