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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Color Stoned - Have a lemonade!

I sometimes wake up having the strangest cravings. Somehow wearing something ridiculously inappropriate (and by that I mean something ultra elegant, maybe sheer:)))) in a shade of yellow-light green-citrus seems the answer today; that would make this day a good one.

A pair of high waisted greenish pants and an electric yellow slouchy blouse will have to do it but, let me tell you, that wasn’t my first choice. Just look at these stunners!

Gucci Fall
Hermes Fall
 Elie Saab Spring Couture
 Elie Saab Spring Reay To Wear
 Elie Saab Spring Couture
 Rodarte Fall
 Mulberry Fall
 Valentino Fall
Givenchy Fall
Dolce Gabbana Fall
Tommy Hilfiger Spring
Any favorites?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today's Mood...

Today I’m ready to rock and roll!  It’s one of those hard days when you feel you have to be extra pretty just to make it through. And so I prepared my armor:  red lipstick, high heels, super cute dress.

I’ve also brushed my hair, you know I mean business when I do that!:)))))

So, how's your day so far?

Monday, March 28, 2011

TV’s Golden Age – Californication

Califonication is the funniest TV show out there, it’s also one of the saddest if you come to think about it, but will not leave you bitter, it has this somehow optimistic way of turning everything around; it’s basically a story about a man that has been genetically “programmed” to be great: he’s handsome, he’s smart, he’s funny, he has it all but he also has this super auto destructive personality that makes him fuck up every single day.

"It's not your fault. I'm like fly paper for the emotionally disturbed."
“It was the best of times, if only someone had told me.”
“You can’t snort a line of coke off a woman’s ass and not wonder about her hopes and dreams, it’s not gentlemanly.” (Hank Moody)
You know when you love somebody in spite of all the reasons that should make you not love him?! Because no matter how many times he fucks up he’s so damn charismatic and everything he does comes from a good place, everybody knows this big jaded man child and can’t help but be smitten with him. That’s Hank Moody. David Duchovny is Hank  Moody, I could never see somebody else playing this character ever again, he’s witty, stupid and handsome and he’s surely  gotten better with age. 
I guess both the tragedy and awesomeness with Hank is that’s not like everyone else. It must be hard to be an original and live in defiance of the world and its rules.

You will also love at least two other characters: Charlie Runkel (Hank’s agent) and his wife Marcy. I know I do. They will make you laugh like you never did before.

This is not a TV series for prudes, the jokes are wonderfully dirty and there’s a lot of sex, drugs and alcohol but I promise you it’s only the best kind.
Banter is this show’s salt and pepper, the script is so witty and hilarious, I can’t help by feeling that every single episode is way to short. Californication = 4 seasons of awesomeness!!!

GOT IT?:))))))))))))))))

Interested? Have you seen it yet?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pure wisdom:)

I need to be more aware of myself as a princess!
Sailor Moon

Because being hot is like having a superpower...

Yes, I love Glee!:))))))))Do you?

I spend my cash on looking flash:)))))

You have no idea how much I looked for a maxi dress that’s actually maxi - for me that is! Everything out there is not long enough for me - even the tall section isn’t tall enough.

And then, when all hope was gone, my sister took pity on me, dusted the sewing machine and made this tube Grecian dress for me (I helped a little, mainly by screaming Omg, Omg, Omg all the time and generally being impressed). I’m super happy and I already implored her to make me one in every single color I love: red, blue, pink, green, maybe some floral pattern if I can find a nice fabric. If she hasn’t the time I’m gonna make them myself as I’m all about maxi this summer.

I dressed like this at one of my friends' birthday party – I was overdressed but then again, that’s how I role. As I wasn’t able to decide what brooch to wear I put a bunch of them on this black blazer and I went from there with the whole gold craze, adding a skinny belt and a pair of long earrings I made myself.

And then we have the triple finger ring (a skull sword with a snake wrapped around it) – Oh, man, I love it so much, I bought it from the boy’s section, I always find great things there, you should try it.

 black blazer – Ana Alcazar
 brooches and belt – vintage
 triple skull sword ring – Asos
 boots – rabdom brand

Do you do dig maxi?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Artwork/Illustration Spotlight - Victor Molev

I discovered Victor Molev work a while ago and enjoyed it instantly; he is original and unique while also bizarre and even a little bit cheesy. Victor is a painter and graphic artist but most importantly he’s a real storyteller.

These drawings remind me of my childhood, of the time when I was a little girl reading stories and I used to be fascinated with the drawing in those books. I’m talking about the drawings done in a surrealist manner with wired forms, strange shapes and colors (remember that first letter of any chapter that  was so intricately drown that you had to guess what it was?!). They seemed so unreal to me back then, I used to look at every detail for minutes and they would stay with me for days. I can still remember the feeling they gave me, a fascinated, confused, want to understand feeling, it really was like magic, the kind of feeling that only a kid can get.

No wonder I find that his oil paintings and drawings are perfect for a kid’s story book, they are sweet and a little grotesque sometimes and they say a story of their on. When I look at his work it gives me a feeling of fairytale, it’s like a whole story is taking place in front of my eyes, he creates the kind of places that every child wants to live in. I can only imagine how exited the young me would get seeing these drawings. Hope you enjoy it!



Friday, March 18, 2011

That hat -Jad Ghandour

Finding the perfect floppy hat has proven harder than anticipated, but the search is not over, I’m not giving up. I would love one exactly like this but, you know, in my price rang – this one is Jad Ghandour fall 2011.
I also love the model; she’s such a classic beauty with perfect hair and lipstick :))))).

There’s something so romantic and seductive about wearing a big brim hat, don’t you think so?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's Mood:)

I’m obsessed with Tumblr, I just can’t have enough. Forget about Facebook, I was never really into Twitter, but, man, Tumblr is addictive. I don’t even want to think about what would teenager me have done if hooked on it.

It’s enough I’m kinda following every teenager out there who has a tumblr page. Should I be worried I basically have the same interest they do? I’ll just tell myself I’ll be a teenager forever in my heart, and I’m not that old anyway (I was a teenager 6 years ago after all:))))).

And talking about heart – the crazy emotion people put in their pages, the quotes, comments, pictures and gifs – It’s insane, guys. And because I’m not quite well in the head myself I love it.

This is our Tumblr Page – feel free to ask anything  and follow!:)

So, how's your day so far?

Boy/Girl Wonder - Martin Cohn

Remember these two articles of mine? Well guess what? There was androgyny before Andrej Pejic!:)))) He has a little bit of competition and the name of the competition is Martin Cohn (who  happens to have some Romanian roots but that’s beside the point).
Apparently this type of look is called UMO (standing for Unidentified Modeling Object) which to me seems like the stupidest name in the history of stupid names.
I really like this trend of atypical models who don’t look like anybody else; they are unique and truly special.
But seriously, how is it fair for a guy to look this pretty? You probably didn’t hear anything about him before just because he’s a part time model, his real dream being to become a well known actor. 

Martin is not afraid of controversy as he dresses often in women’s clothes (not only on the catwalk) but also in his day to day life). I really like that about him, the fact that he is so confident to wear women clothes and to know that he looks fabulous, plus he says he doesn’t think he has a certain look, he just wears what he likes even if people think he is eccentric and extreme.

He changed his hair color into platinum blond which apparently helped him book more gigs, but I personally like him better with his natural color.

 What gender did you first think he was?

We’re all hippies at heart

Saturday I was planning to lay low, relax and watch some movies and I somehow ended up at V for Vintage where I met some of my blogger friends and made some new ones. I also snapped some photos and later realized they were ALL blurry (I really need a new camera). Fortunately Miss Denisa proved to be a very gifted and patient photographer and took some cute photos of my outfit using her camera. Thank you so much, Denisa, you succeeded what few had achieved before – take nice photos of me.

I’ve recently bought this wooden heels and decided to give them a test drive and let me tell you - it really was an adventure, everybody on the street/subway (and their mothers) had an opinion and many felt the need to share it to me, fortunately I didn’t hear much as I was listening Maroon 5 at full blast. Yes, I’m over 6 feet tall with heels, deal with it!!!

I hope you like my huge hippie flower headband – I just made a few and can’t stop wearing them, they are so fun and make me happy and go so well with may new haircut. I was also indulging in bling- spring has this effect on me. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m always jewelry crazy, no matter the season! I’ve told you I have a ring addiction and these two are on the top of my LOVE list: the armor ring and the double crystals ring. I was also wearing 6 cute rings on a silver chain as a necklace. It was a great day (although I missed Ioana by 5 minutes and I’m always missing Mina since she leaves on another continent).
Sambata am ajuns in mod miraculos la V for Vintage desi intial ma gandeam sa dorm toata ziua si sa ma uit la filme. Ma bucur totusi ca am luat aceasta decizie spontana, m-am intalnit cu Denisa, Costin si Sandra si le-am cunoscut pe Laura si Eve (a fost o incantare!!!).
M-am bucurat atat de tare de prima zi de primavara adevarata incat am purtat o rochie scurta cu geaca de piele, cizme inalte si multe accesorii. Bentita hippie cu floare imensa este facuta de mine si face parte din colectia noua Alice&Sara din care am inceput deja sa punem pe blog. Sper ca va place!:)

 Once you go gif you're never comin' back:))))
I just had to make one more, don't judge!:)
A  photo with me, Sandra, Eve and Laura courtesy of The Hearabouts. The girls are wonderful and really beautiful. I already knew Sandra and got the chance to also meet Eve (her partner in crime) and Laura.
With my homies - Denisa and Costin! That's how we roll!:))))))
 I think this picture with me and Costin is hilarious, I was so invested in striking a pose and he was like "Are we done, yet?!"
I'm wearing 
Bag - vintage
 dress- New Look
 leather jacket – H&M
 armor ring – Asos
 double crystals ring- Forever 21
 necklaces – random brand and New Look
 boots –BB Up

How was your weekend?

Soundtrack: Jason Mraz - Butterfly! 

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