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Friday, April 29, 2011

I sleep to dream

The vacation is over and I just got back to Bucharest. I can barely type as I (don’t laugh:))))) fall asleep while sunbathing and wake up crispy. I’m suffering right now and my aristocratic white skin is no more, I’m now a lovely shade of red and soon enough I will be able to join the Jersey Shore cast.

I’m telling you, karma is a bitch, I guess I’m paying for all the times I laughed my ass off and made fun of all those over-tanned girls you can see everywhere in Bucharest. The good news is I documented everything I wore and took lots of photos with my beloved new camera so my outfit posts will become a regular section on this blog.

I do own an unnerving number of over the top dresses and the major holidays are the perfect occasion to wear one or at least that’s how I feel. This was my initial Easter outfit but I didn’t wear it too long as I wanted to be comfortable so I changed later in the day. Also my family didn’t approve:))))), they never do, but I don’t let such a small detail get in the way of dressing however I feel like.

How cool is the draping on it though? I would have loved it in white and maybe silk, but I think it also looks pretty wicked as it is. The white flower and tulle headband is made by me, but I guess you’re used with me making my own head accessories by now.

 I'm wearing:
 dress - vintage
 lace tights – Miss Selfridge
belt – random brand
 shoes - BB Up
 rings: Mini Prix and random brand
flower and white tulle headband - made by me (Alice&Sara)

So, how was your holiday? Did you enjoy it?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a ring thing

As I promised you before, here’s part two of the event article, I had lots of detail pictures that I liked so before leaving for a well deserved week of vacation I live you with them.

Don’t be fooled by the booze/glass of champagne that I permanently carry in my hand, I’m not a big drinker, it was more of a prop and honestly I kinda forgot to get rid of it.

Can you tell I have a thing for rings, it’s actually getting out of control, I counted them and I’m just going to say I have over 100 and leave it to that, it seems crazy to say it/write it out loud.

Happy Easter to everybody!:)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

You stole my money, honey!

Guys, I’m super happy, I finally bought a new camera and it’s awesome. I might have to sleep under a bridge for the next couple of months but at least I’ll have something to take cool photos with and lots of…rings.

I don’t usually go to events especially during the week as I have to wake up early and go to work, but Thursday night I went to La Chatterie and Pixie Shoes showroom launch and celebration of one year of Bucharest Style. The night was nice: lots of people, many friends and many photos. My good friend Andreea (Mia), that you might know from my other blog (Alice&Sara) came with me and was my personal photograph for the night, and, man, does she know her way around a camera. These are the first photos with my new baby - all courtesy of Andreea who’s not only beautiful but also very kind and talented.

My outfit was a last minute thing as I came home and had to change in 5 minutes and leave, I hate to be late. I just grabbed some cute stuff and then added a pile of jewelry witch is pretty much my usual way of dressing. The orange leather bow tie, bullet necklace and red marine headband flower are made by me and part of my accessories line Alice&Sara. Now that I have a new camera we can finally take photos of all the beautiful stuff me and my sister made for this summer.

I have so many nice pictures I decided to make this a two parts article, here’s the first part, I ‘ll post the rest tomorrow.

I'm wearing: 
skirt and bag - vintage
 leather jacket - H&M
 white man shirt - random brand
shoes - BB Up
 rings: Asos, Mini Prix, New Look, Meli Melo
 orange bow tie and bullet necklace and red flower marine headband - all made by me (Alice&Sara)
 With Sandra, Eve and Olivia - I loved all their outfits!
 This is me outside, me and Andreea were waiting for Denisa and Olivia so she took some photos with my "outside" outfit!
 I love this picture of Sandra -  she's so beautiful, best hairdo ever and extra adorable!
La Chatterie candies
 The extra cute Alice Florea, love the hat and red lipstick!
Crazy eyes:)))))))))))))))))))
  My rings!
My favorite pair of Pixie Shoes
 Andreea, my lovely photographer! 
 Oana Zidaru wearing a very romantic outfit and a spectacular shade of lipstick!
Raluca Muresan - in black and white and blue!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pin up art - Gillette (Gil) Elvgren

I’m a big admirer of old school pin up art, I love some of the 30s to 80s pin up artists, not so much the contemporary ones as they tend to over sexualize and cheapen their work (there are some exception, of course, that I’m going to discuss in the future).

My absolute favorite is by far the amazing Gil Elvgren (1914 – 1980). He was a classical American illustrator with a successful career in advertising (he painted for Coca Cola, General Electric, Ford and many other iconic brands) and numerous published magazine drawings. He studied art at the Minneapolis Art Institute and became one of the most important pin up artists of the twentieth century (in my humble opinion he was the best).

His work is not limited to pin up art, but he is best known for them, especially if we’re talking about the pieces he made for Brown & Bigelow (a legendary firm in the field of calendars and advertising).
Today his original paintings are high commodities; they sell for thousands of dollars and are highly sought-after by collectors and art lovers.

As for his pin up girls, he had an unique eye for the idealized woman figure – never a femme fatale, never vulgar or cheap, his classic pin up was more of the girl next door pictured as a mix of sweet and seductive, caught unaware in a potential embarrassing or funny situation: the wind, plants, small dogs, elevator doors, fences all conspire in rising her skirts and revealing her beautiful, long legs and undergarments.

He also had an exquisite taste in fashion, his girls are always wearing amazing dresses and skirts in the style of the era. Elvgren's pin up girl is happy and natural and I’ll bet you’ll smile reading the witty titles he gives to most of his drawings.

Here are some of my favorites, I have plenty more and I’ll show you them in future articles.

“Hoops My Dear”, 1956

“All Set”, 1956

“Jill Needs Jack”, 1950

 “Up In The Air”, 1965

 Cover Up”, 1955

 “He Thinks I’m Too Good To Be True”, 1947

 “Welcome Traveler”, 1955

 “Rare Edition”, 1962

"Pot Luck", 1961

 "Lucky Dog”, 1958

"I've Been Spotted" 1947

 "What’s Up”, 1957

Photo credit

Aren't these just perfect? Looking at them makes me want to wear a beautiful party dress everywhere I go!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Because being hot is like having a superpower - Jon Hamm

Holly Guacamole! You better know this is my desktop background!!! Every time I open my computer I find myself staring for a while or having different teenager type reactions which we won’t discuss further because I have  a reputation to protect:))))).
Jon Hamm has to be the hottest guy gracing the face of the Earth, these pictures of him in GQ UK killed me! The only thing I like better than Jon Hamm is Mad Men and Don Draper. Then again I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Monday, April 4, 2011

I hear she's kicking ass across the board

Oh, man, not having a good camera really sucks, I basically have to take advantage of anybody with one and  the willingness to snap some photos of my outfit while out and about.
This time the poor, innocent victim was Costin whom I‘m very grateful for these photos, it was also an excellent occasion to test his new baby which I’m seriously considering buying as well.

I’m one of those people who thinks for months before buying something expensive, I do lot of research and compare prices and in the end I end up buying something else or being mildly unhappy with my decision. I hope this time will be different.
As for the outfit I’m all about mixing prints and materials so here I am spicing things up with a combination of animal print and polka dots which happen to be two of my favorite patterns right now. I have this retro silk dress for a long time but this is the first time I take it out for a spin.

The little red leather bobby pins are made by me, they are part of our spring-summer accessories collection, we made them in every color you can imagine and I think they’re both adorable and feminine (you can buy them from my Etsy Store). I’ve also made the huge cross necklace by playing around with a vintage hallow cross that I had for ages. 

 Bag and dress- vintage
 leather jacket – random brand
 rings – Miss Selfridge
 tights - New Look
 cross necklace – reworked vintage (by me)
 ankle boots – random brand
 bracelets – random brand and H&M
 red leather bow bobby pins – Alice&Sara (made by me)

Are you an impulsive buyer when it comes to important items?

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