Friday, April 29, 2011

I sleep to dream

The vacation is over and I just got back to Bucharest. I can barely type as I (don’t laugh:))))) fall asleep while sunbathing and wake up crispy. I’m suffering right now and my aristocratic white skin is no more, I’m now a lovely shade of red and soon enough I will be able to join the Jersey Shore cast.

I’m telling you, karma is a bitch, I guess I’m paying for all the times I laughed my ass off and made fun of all those over-tanned girls you can see everywhere in Bucharest. The good news is I documented everything I wore and took lots of photos with my beloved new camera so my outfit posts will become a regular section on this blog.

I do own an unnerving number of over the top dresses and the major holidays are the perfect occasion to wear one or at least that’s how I feel. This was my initial Easter outfit but I didn’t wear it too long as I wanted to be comfortable so I changed later in the day. Also my family didn’t approve:))))), they never do, but I don’t let such a small detail get in the way of dressing however I feel like.

How cool is the draping on it though? I would have loved it in white and maybe silk, but I think it also looks pretty wicked as it is. The white flower and tulle headband is made by me, but I guess you’re used with me making my own head accessories by now.

 I'm wearing:
 dress - vintage
 lace tights – Miss Selfridge
belt – random brand
 shoes - BB Up
 rings: Mini Prix and random brand
flower and white tulle headband - made by me (Alice&Sara)

So, how was your holiday? Did you enjoy it?

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Diana said...

aww...tot ce fac de cand m-am intors din vacanta e sa ma plang ca e gata :(
cat de bine te inteleg cu pielea rosie :)
rochie a incantatoare si accesoriile tale la fel !
o zi frumoasa si un weekend placut!

ioana said...

eu n am avut vacanta de Paste asa ca...insa ieri mi am luat liber si am stat lipita de televizor watching the royal wedding :) outfitul tau e super,abia astept sa le vad pe celelalte.cit despre pielea rosie,sper ca esti mai bine,hidrateaza te cit poti!pupici,weekend frumos!

Faboulista said...

yey te-ai intors ce bine! tan skin is not that bad as long as its not excesively and it looks like a natural golden glow. it will soon turn super nice i'm sure of it.
as to your outfit i cant beleieve the dress is vintage. it looks so high fashion because of the draped details. one of your most stunning pieces for sure. i actually cant beleieve how many beautiful items u have in your closet.
anyways summer is soon approaching ( well not here that is) so we can hang out soon!

sacramento said...

You are always sooooooooooo pretty, my dear Alice!!!

sacramento said...

Alice, how do I check my daily visits???? I can see at the bottom of your page total pageviews., but how??? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Alice in vintageland said...

Diana&Ioana - multumesc:))) You're both wonderful, Ioana, iti urmez sfatul si ma hidratez intens! Kisses:)

Mina - I can hardly wait for you to come:). I hope my skin will get better, excesive tan doesn't look good on me:))))

Sacramento - Thank you so much!
As for the total page views it's simple, you just go to your blog to the Design section and then To Add Gadget and you choose to add Blog Statistics and that's all!:)

modniza said...

adorabila!rochia e superba si accesoriile asortate!love lace !xoxo

Laura Tenshi said...

OMG ! This is my favorite dress of yours no doubt ! I love how you've belted it and how you wore with lace-up boots and that gorgeous head piece.
I am sorry to hear about your tan, I can relate to your pain because I also like my skin to be porcelain white. Hopefully it will go away soon, but if it won't, you can take some days off and head to the beach where you can blend in with the tanned people :))

Anonymous said...

lack of approval from family usually means the outfit is cool :) that happens a lot!
the dress is wonderful!

Boheme.Fille said...

Ohh yes, loving the draping! Beautiful outfit!

Stilistele said...

that dress is beautifully draped! adn you look stunning!

cristina petre said...

that dress is gorgeous!

Kristel Louisa said...

You really do have a great blog. Your pictures are amazing! And I love your handmade accessories on Alice&Sara.
Thanks so much for following me, it really means a lot :)

It's great meeting you!


dina vanessa mercado said...

fabulous dress and that headpiece is amazing! great blog girl!

if you have time pls visit my site again..i'll be posting more outfit shots this week!kisses!

Cecille said...

wow! i love so much this outfit!
you look beautiful!!

StylePicks said...

Love your dress!


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