Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TV’s Golden Age – The Walking Dead

Ok, so I have a new TV show obsession!
I know! What a shocker that is - you would have never guessed that about me!
It’s not actually new, I’ve been watching The Walking Dead for more than a year now. Meanwhile this show has reached huge popularity and just recently became the most-watched basic cable drama in history with 9 million viewers for its season two finale.

Before going forward I have to confess something – one of my biggest guilty pleasures are horror movies but what I’m really into are the end of the world, apocalyptic and post apocalyptic type scenarios. I’ve seen them all and I’m always looking for new ones or old, obscure titles I’ve never checked out before.

I do find it a little bit creepy that I feel so good watching them – I think is the reassuring feeling I’m safe while all the horror goes on (or so I say to myself)!!! I also force my sister to watch them with me because I’m afraid otherwise (she secretly loves them too).

If you thought we were pretty normal up until now, just know we actually discus strategy and how we would act in similar situations and what a huge assets we would be in a zombie crises  - I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t make it more than 10 minutes, but hey, one can dream (or have nightmares in this case:)))).

Getting back to The Walking Dead – if you didn’t see it until now, well, the title is pretty much self explanatory.
Still, don’t write this off because you’d miss a great show that uses the post apocalyptic background of a planet populated with the undead as a result of a mysterious infection (a story that has been told a thousand times before)  to analyze and reveal so much more.
The Walking Dead is based on the comic book series with the same name written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard and it is focused on a small group of people that try to survive and find a safe haven away from the monstrous hoards of hungry walkers, on how they deal with the hopelessness of it all, how they interact, the moral conflicts, the daily battles to keep themselves alive.

Of course there are a lot of gruesome and action-packed scenes and there is a lot of tension and suspense that’s basically the rhythm of this genre.
But the truth strength of The Walking Dead and every other great TV show out there is actually the amazing characters and the actors that embody them – and this show has striking, polarized characters that you’ll feel very strong about (I’m personally a big fan of Daryl, Rick, Dale and Glenn and kind of hate Lori and Carl).

I guess the backbone of The Walking Dead is the struggle of the group to function and grab on their humanity in a world with no rules and hope.


Spoiler alert: do not read if you didn’t watch the last episodes of season two or just hate spoilers (I know I do):
  • How cool was the scene with the unknown hooded ninja warrior with the two chained walkers at its back saving Andrea? I hated the bitch before but her running through the woods chased by the undead and being a total bad ass made me have a small change of heart. And yes, I know who the mysterious hooded sword loving character was – I’m super excited to see Michonne played by Danai Gurira in Season 3. And in case you were wondering who the chained, armless, jawless walkers were, well, I read they are her boyfriend and his best friend. How creepy is that?! The thing is - I’m a bit worried about how well she’s mixing into the story – she is so far away from being normal while the rest of the cast is pretty believable (and that’s the great thing about this show). I hope the writers somehow dial down the intensity of Michonne from the comics and make the personage seem real. I would hate for this great show to be transformed into something mediocre and cliche.
  • Why did they have to kill Dale? I always thought he was their moral compass, the voice of reason and humanity! I loved him so much! He was always helping the group not cross that line (although it is the end of days and so many lines HAVE to be crossed)!
  • And speaking of crossing the line and what some people are capable of doing to survive - I knew Shane had to go as soon as he killed Otis – still I enjoyed the character - kept me on the edge of my chair. I'll miss him and his crazy ways!
  • I loved Rick’s new found balls and his “This is not a democracy anymore” speech and the last scene with that Alcatraz looking buildings surrounded by walls. Is that going to be their safe heaven or another pipe dream? Can’t wait to see more this coming fall!
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Are you into horror?  Have you seen it yet?

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allie said...

best show ever!<3 I didn't know that the two walkers the mysterious person was dragging was people she knew! I guess people have different ways of coping. cannot wait for next season =)

Ticka said...

I LOVE this show!! I am totally addicted!!

They had to kill Dale because he was on my last nerve!! LOL! We are in the "end of days"!! Lines will need to be crossed dammit!!

I loved Shane. He's the only one who understood.

I can't wait until next season. The prison should be a fun ride!

Christianna said...

This show is amazing! I agree Lori and Carl are the worst. Carl needs to die. I've been watching with someone who reads the comics, so I always feel like I have an inside scoop on things.

I also really LOVE horror movies! They are the best. But I like the ones that mess with your head the best!

Miss Funny Face said...

I know what you mean about horror movies!! I relly like the walking dead, I'm a little behind with the eppisodes I need to chatch up :)

Cátia M. said...

I love this show!! I'm not a really fan of horror films, but my boyfriend "made me" see this show, and I'm in love! Now I have to wait seven months, that boring :(

Every Day Rachel said...

I agree that this is an awesome show!

Too much make up not enough sleep. said...

Goodness! I am also addicted to the walking dead, Its amazing! Daryl and Glen are my favourites too and I hate how they killed off Dale. I agree, I hate Lori and Carl they are so annoying and always being selfish!

Emilie xox

Style und Sein said...

Like you blog. I would be glad if we could follow each other, I start and hope to hear you?


Mariely Crowne said...

my husband is a big fan of this show, me not so much but I get it!
Following you now!

sip-n-wear said...

Great blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and following!

-ur newest follower! :)

Forever 23 said...

I love the show so much. I loved his speech also. Ricktatorship. I applauded him when he told them that. lol.

Best show.

Oh. I am with you on hating Lori. I don't really hate Carl, but he is annoying.

Margherita Devalle e Marta Falcon said...

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Jasmine Sinclair said...

My husband is obsessed with this show....I can't do zombies...vampires all day but zombies make my skin crawl!!! After this I might have to watch it ;)

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