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Sunday, May 3, 2015

About wearing scarves and pet rabbits

Making a comeback! Yes, it’s been a while! I will explain it in a future post, but I just wanted to thank you all for the many emails and messages you sent. Sara and I are really touched to see you care. And we’re doing fine! Let’s just say the lack of posts lately can be filed under the “life got in the way” label.

 But let’s get to the photos!

summer outfit, maxi dress with Romanian ethnic scarf, 70s style, bohemian style
California style, floral print scarf, bombshell curls, ginger highlights, long hairstyle, what to wear

My sister and I have this silly, fun tradition where every Easter we do a “photoshot” while visiting our grandmother in the countryside for the holiday. Said photoshot takes place somewhere at the deep end of the garden – some sort of a meadow if you may.

I remember one year we hang out a huge piece of hot pink fabric in the next door neighbors’ orchard between two plum trees and scared the shit out of them (it looked like some kind of alien landing from the distance).

Here's a photo with that particular contraption for you to understand what I mean. And yes, I was a redhead for a while.
vintage floral print dress, how to wear vintage, fashion photography

Full disclosure – I kind of hate taking photos in general and especially after a few days of stuffing myself with great food (which always happens at my granny’s). If it were for me I would probably skip the photo session entirely.

But then there’s Sara. She wears me off with a guilt trip about wasting our life away and how we’re only young and camera ready once, so I eventually cave in and do whatever ridiculous thing she has in mind. This year, her vision was “spring fairy taking her pet rabbit to a walk through the woods”. Her words not mine!

In her defense, she does realize how hilarious that sounds. But being able to be ridiculous and childish is kind of great if you think about it.

70s style, bohemian style, summer style, how to style a long dress, boho style
soft curls, hairstyle, ginger highlights, red lips makeup, ethnic, rose print scarf with low cut lace inserts dress
pet rabbit cuteness, fairy style, how to wear a scarf for summer, vintage style

You should have seen us dragging all the props necessary for the photoshot to the back of the garden. Imagine this: me in full hair in makeup with my maxi dress trailing behind, Sara with the camera, a bottle of water, a bag of makeup products and hair combs in case I would need some sort of a touch-up, we even recruited our mom to carry the rabbit in his special little house. This is a "flat rabbit", he's not into running around - he does take after me in that aspect.

what to wear for spring, maxi dress with ethnic scarf, curls for long hair, bohemian outfits, how to wear long dresses
summer hair, floral print scarf, bombshell curls, ginger highlights, boho style
what to wear for summer, how to style a maxi dress, unique way to wear a floral print scarf, 70s fashion

Oh yes, the rabbit!!! How cute is he? Kind of stole my thunder, not going to lie! Named Rinu, but called all sorts of things by Sara (Rini, Rinster, furry excavator, that little adorable monster pooping everywhere), he wasn’t in a mood for photos. Just like me, but lazier, because at some point he just stood there outstretched on the grass in spite of my efforts to make him responsive. What an animal?! :)))

how to dress like a fairy, maxi dress with floral print scarf worn as an accessory, fairytale spring, bored pet rabbit
my adorable per rabbit and ethnic scarf in grass
pet rabbit cuteness, fairy style, how to wear a scarf for summer, long dresses ideas, ways to wear a maxi dress

Despite all the drama and my paranoia that we’re going to be bitten by dangerous insects, I have to give it to Sara for the styling. She insisted we use the huge floral print, ethnic scarf as the main focus accessory draped over the low cut, maxi dress. The scarf is actually a gorgeous traditional Romanian shawl and it’s meant to be worn on your head. One of my best finds when it comes to shopping!

fairytale photography, girl wearing maxi dress and floral wrap in the forest with pet rabbit, bohemian style
how to style a big, ethnic scarf, 70s style, bohemian style, summer style
how to dress like a fairy, maxi dress with floral print scarf worn as an accessory, fairytale spring, pet rabbit

In case you’re wondering, my hair didn’t miraculously grow and triple in volume - instead I'm wearing my Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions (Royal Remy Medium Brown, 20 inches (50cm) and 200 grams and one big weft of Ginger). These hair extensions are amazing and they curl like a dream – they are the best invention since sugar. I talked about them here, but I learned how to blend them better in the meantime.

soft curls, hairstyle, ginger highlights, red lips makeup, ethnic, rose print scarf with low cut lace inserts dress, western style
  I’m wearing:
hair extensions / extensii - Irresistible Me
maxi dress / rochie - Asos
 scarf / basma traditionala - thrifted

20 comentarii :

ilda76 said...

Bine ai revenit! Si ai facut stil mare, vorba ceea!
Postarea e minunata, tu arati senzational! Am admirat fiecare detaliu al look-ului tau! Impecabil!!!

Te pup!
Lavender Thoughts

Dainté said...

this scarf looks absolutely lovely :) you look stunning honey !

Live-Style20 said...

so pretty pics ;-)

new post

Unknown said...

What a beautiful scarf, it looks very traditional. I like your sister's vision - it totally worked! My sister takes a lot of my pics, so I know the dealio. What a cute rabbit too. :)

Unknown said...

Ce par frumos ai si ce peisaj, abia astept sa ies si eu la poze in natura, am avut o pauza de vreo 2 luni si acum postez din urma... va veni si vremea verdetii pe blog <3
Frumoasa rochia, cat si esarfa!!

Unknown said...

Wow you really styled this outfit well!! You look amazing.
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Camelia said...

Such a dreamy and gorgeous outfit!
Love it! <3

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Unknown said...

So creative and so much fun! This seems like a really artistic way to capture some memories of yourselves together, your grandmother's land and even the pet rabbit! I love the colors of that floral scarf contrasting with the white of the dress. Such a beautiful day and the natural light really brings out the details of every aspect of the photos.

Tommy Clark @ Her Hair Company

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