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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pin up look using a 50s style little black dress

I was thinking that I should really drive my incipient hoarding tendencies into something more constructive for my wardrobe. Maybe instead of hundreds of rings and really, really impractical shoes, I should start building a great collection of little black dresses.

For someone with so many clothes, I have very few of those. And the one I’m wearing in this photos is the most recent addition to the madness that is my closet.

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I just got it from an alternative clothing store from UK that’s technically specialized in Gothic clothing, but has so much amazing stuff, it was hard to choose just one dress. Well, I did get a blue hair dye too – I’m planning something epic for my hair – DIY article coming soon.

I think this dress might just be the perfect casual little black dress for summer. It’s 98% cotton, very airy and has the most adorable details: slightly puffy shoulders, a true sweetheart neckline, 3/4 quarter sleeves, a bow detail at the back and a classic 50s silhouette with a fitted waist and flared skirt. Scored!!!

The moment I got the package (it arrived in about a week), I could hear this dress begging for a pin up look and I like to listen when my clothes talk to me.:)))) Besides, it’s been a while since I channeled my inner pin up, so here I am: hair scarf and bold lipstick included.

perfect little black dress, sexy little black dresses, pin up look, blue heart purse, stunning vintage style dress, flared skirt

This is the way the dress was styled on the site and I like it a lot. I have to find a petticoat and try this version as well. As you can see it would be longer for somebody that's not as tall as I am, but other than that is supper flattering for any silhouette and height. I think it would look nice for plus size girls as well - it just has that cut that looks amazing on anyone.
chic star, vintage dress, 50's dress, gothic dress, bow dress, black dress, knee length dress
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50s dresses, little black dress, plus size little black dress, color block pumps, long hair hairstyle
how to wear a 50s dress, pin up clothing, pin up girls, pin up dresses, back bow detail pin up hairstyle, plum lipstick
perfect little black dress, sexy little black dresses, pin up look, blue heart purse, stunning vintage style dress, flared skirt

And then there’s the statement necklace – I love myself some serious rhinestone action resting on my boobs. It was sent to me by a German online store called Happiness Boutique and it’s glorious. I absolutely love the mix of silver chains and clear rhinestones and how long it is. They have amazing customer care, free shipping worldwide and the necklace came very fast and nicely packaged. If you’re ordering from Europe, you won’t have to deal with the custom and they also have a customer reward program that you can take advantage of.

clear crystal statement necklace, costume jewelry, layered silver chains and rhinestones necklace
casual little black dress, pin up clothing, pin up girls, pin up dresses, dark lipstick, pin up hairdo
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This time I didn't went with the classic red lipstick - a staple for pinup makeup. Instead  I chose a dark plum (it's from Dior - color 862, Hypnotic Red).
statement necklace trend, costume jewelry, rhinestones statement necklace, Dior Haute Couleur Voluptuous, no.862 Hypnotic RedHow big is your little black dresses' collection? Do you stack up on anything else?

I’m wearing:
pumps, epic belt / pantofi, curea - Asos
little black dress / rochie neagra - Kate's Clothing
heart bag, head scarf / geanta, esarfa par - random brand
statement necklace / colier statement - Happiness Boutique
lipstick / ruj - Dior Haute Couleur Voluptuous, no.862 Hypnotic Red

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Moonstyle said...

nice outfit!

Live-Style20 said...

so pretty ;-)

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Raquel T.G. said...

gorgeousbag and shoes!!! very pretty outfit :):)

Jen27 said...

What a lovely dress! You wear vintage styles so well. Killer shoes too! xo


Piluka said...

Fantastic! Love your heels!


nice look!

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Sophia Florence said...

how cute!


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